Hidden Treasures: Discovering Eros



Trail of Seduction

Hidden Treasure: Discovering Eros

D. Musgrave

'Hidden Treasures, Discovering Eros', is a compilation of the best short stories from D. Musgrave.

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Here's a few excerpts from 'Hidden Treasures, Discovering Eros'.

Excerpt from 'Double Life'

He sat motionless as she disappeared behind the red velvet curtains beside the stage. His mind played over the past three years. He tried to find something that would've clued him in that Lisa was living a double life. She never seemed to be available for company functions after hours, but he had thought it was because she wasn't into the carousing that typically accompanied the after-hours parties.

As he pondered the surprising change in his view of Lisa, the music suddenly shifted from they typical thumping dance music to classic rock. He looked up from the table when the MC announced. "Briana, Lady of the Eighties."

He saw her step out from behind the curtains at the back of the stage. She had a black spiked wig covering her blonde hair and wore an outfit that reminded Keith of the style worn by the oversexed female pop singers of the 80's. Bare thighs, ruffled lace socks, and saddle shoes had replaced her black fishnet stockings. 

From his vantage-point, Keith could clearly see her as she walked slowly around the edge of the stage. She reached down and ruffled the hair of a couple of the men that were leaning on the stage. Her lace-gloved hand lingered in their hair then balled into a fist as she pulled their head back so they had to look past her waist. She had the full attention of each man near the stage. Their heads followed as she moved from one side to the other. Though they were watching her, it appeared that she had them entranced.

Keith moved out of the corner and stood next to the bar just off stage. She looked up and winked at him, then whirled away. Her plaid schoolgirl skirt flared out, revealing more of her creamy thighs.

As the song reached a crescendo, she stepped to the back of the stage and bent over with her backside to the audience. The short skirt flipped up onto the small of her back. Several men groaned and a couple whistled low.

Keith stepped closer and saw her wet pussy was pinched together with a silver clip. From the metal clasp, a couple of shiny jewels dangled and reflected the strobe lights overhead. He'd never seen a clit clip and wasn't sure if that's what she was wearing. Either way, he felt his cock stir and swell in his pants.

* * * * *

Excerpt from 'Crossing Over'

Scanning back up the sensual lines of her body, Glenda saw Claudia's reflection in the steel doors of the elevator. She couldn't make out her features, but she knew that Claudia had caught her. The heat in her face returned and she shuffled her feet. She felt wetness from her thighs rubbing together and she had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning aloud. The elevator slowing distracted her from the embarrassment she felt and the ping of the bell caused her to look up at the numbers.

She looked back at the doors and saw Claudia's reflection again as the metal doors slid apart. Claudia stepped out of the small compartment and looked back. Her face was flushed as she looked at Glenda. "Would you mind if I drove?"

Glenda shook her head. She still couldn't bring herself to speak.

Reaching back, Claudia took her hand and said. "Let's get going. We don't have much time."

Instead of pulling away, she left her hand where it was, enjoying the warmth of her palm. She didn't care that she was walking hand in hand through a crowded parking garage with another woman. It felt right.

She had to quicken her pace to keep up with the long, quick strides of her lunch-date. She tried to tell herself that Claudia only had lunch and catching up on old times in mind, but her body screamed otherwise. She wanted her, but somehow had to keep herself under control.

At the far end of the garage was a black Lexus and she knew it was Claudia's. It had to be. The car looked like a sleek form-fitting accessory for the goddess that held her hand, and more. Claudia pressed a button on her key-chain and in moments, they were sitting, side-by-side, in the plush interior of the luxury car.

Glenda felt giddy, like a girl on her first date. Her hands tingled and her breath came in short, quick gasps. She tried to take a deep breath, but the exhale was ragged and she watched Claudia's hand reach for her knee.

* * * * *

Excerpt from 'Ninety Six'

A soft feminine voice entered my tangled thoughts and I reached out in my mind. The voice was familiar, but unknown. I couldn't place it, but I'd heard it before.

"James? Time to wake up. You need to eat breakfast.

I opened my eyes as I realized the voice was real and not in my head. Instinctively, I tried to rub my eyes, but the jacket held me bound. I blinked and turned my head.

It was her, Nurse Pierce. She was sitting on a metal stool beside the bed, alone. Looking for the guards, I saw only her. I rolled to my side and could see up her skirt.

The white stockings stopped midway up her thighs, held in place by matching garters. My search traveled higher and I saw she wasn't wearing panties. The already uncomfortable strap between my legs became unbearable.

She curled her hand under my chin and pulled my gaze away from her neatly trimmed sex. "James. You shouldn't be looking at such things. Not in your condition. You're not ready yet.

I tried to answer, but my mouth was too dry and all I managed was a dry whisper.

"You need something to drink. She worked a straw between the bars covering my mouth and I sucked in the cool water. Looking at her face, she seemed more beautiful than before. A few stray black curls peaked out from under her nurse's hat, framing her soft features. I felt a tickle on the sides of my face as I watched the tendrils gently brush against her cheeks.

The water was soothing and I felt much better. As I tried to speak, she pressed a finger against the front of my mask and said. "Don't speak. Your throat needs the rest. You know you almost died out there. Whatever you wife did to you couldn't be that bad. I watched her mouth move, barely hearing the words. A smile forced its way to my face, but I was the only one to see it.

She turned her gaze down my body and puckered her lips. "Nice. Is that for me? I tried to look down but the mask was too heavy.

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