Trail of Seduction



Trail of Seduction

Trail of Seduction

D. Musgrave

A fan's response to this novel:

This is now one of my favorites as I loved Vance and Kathleen! It
seems that each was suffering a past that haunted their futures that
was met with still more challenges as these two came together on the
rough trail. Your detail to the time period and the characters
emotions made feel as if I crawled into the story with them. The
sexual tension is the story was very hot and their encounters even


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'Trail of Seduction' is an erotic western set in the 1850's that tells the tale of Kathleen and her escape from an oppressive husband. A tall stranger named Vance aids her flight to freedom. The story tells of their journey and adventures across the high country.


Here's an excerpt from 'Trail of Seduction'. I hope you enjoy just a taste of Kathleen's journey.

She nodded and watched him disappear into the pouring rain. Shivers wracked her body and she stepped closer to the meager fire.

She felt safe in the cave, knowing Vance was outside. Looking around, she noticed there was a ledge on one side. She grabbed a blanket, spread it out on the rock bench, and sat down.

Her mind raced back to Vance in the water. She closed her eyes and pictured his naked body, dripping wet. His hardness in his hand, the strong muscles flexing as he pleasured himself.

Warmth spread from deep within her body and she stopped shivering. Absentmindedly, she reached down and rubbed herself through her clothes. It had been several months since she'd had sex and longer since she'd enjoyed it. The simple touch of her hands through her rain-soaked clothes wrenched a whispered moan from her throat.

She stood and unfastened the buttons on her shirt. Spreading the wet cotton on a large rock beside the fire, she felt her nipples harden in the damp, cool air.

Reaching up, she cupped her bosom, trailing her thumbs around the responsive aureoles. She rolled the tender nipples under her thumbs and closed her eyes, picturing his naked body again.

Stepping out of the ill-fitting boots, she lowered her hands and worked the belt and snap loose on the pants. She let go of the belt-loops and the pants slipped down her thighs and pooled around her ankles. Standing, near-naked, caused her to shudder, not from the cold, but from the excitement coursing through her.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down past her knees. Stepping out of the last thread of clothing, she felt liberated. The thought of Vance walking back into the cave and seeing her stripped naked didn't worry her. A part of her wanted him to catch her.

With the pants and panties spread around the fire to dry, she turned around let the heat warm her bare skin. The pulsating waves of warmth embraced her and she trailed her fingers down her sides. She curled her hands around behind her hips and across her rounded cheeks.

She rubbed her open palms across the cool skin and dug her nails into the fleshy cheeks. Spreading her globes, she opened herself to the fanning flames of the fire. Her eyes focused beyond the cave walls, replaying the vision of Vance's hardness pulsing in his fist.

The shuffle of a hoof across the cave floor made her jump and reach for the blanket. Sitting back on the granite bench, she wrapped the rough wool around her shoulders and looked toward the cave opening. She watched the silhouette of the horses as they stood behind a boulder just inside the opening.

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