Surprise Treat

By D. Musgrave



Surprise Treat
D. Musgrave

"Come here! You've got to see this!" Kelly's voice screamed out from our bedroom. I grabbed a couple of brews from the fridge and loosened the stupid tie Id worn all night. When I'd entered the bedroom, Kelly had already shed her sequin dress, which glittered as it hung on the back of a chair. She unhooked her bra, one of those sexy push-up types. My groin instantly pushed against the tight polyester pants I wore on average about twice a year. Her teardrop breasts swayed tantalizingly above her firm stomach. She stood and removed her thong panties, but kept her stockings and garter belt on.

Kelly had started the tape that my cousin passed me in the parking lot as everyone said their goodnights. It was a porno, all about anal sex, a dominant fantasy of mine. I looked at the screen as Kelly sat on the edge of the bed and undid my pants. Two women were balled up in a 69 and using dildos on each other. Kelly freed my growing erection and slipped her warm mouth over my head. Still holding the beers, I lowered them and pressed the cold bottles on either side of her bountiful bosom.

"Yow!" she squealed, temporarily releasing my cock. "Why'd you do that?"

"Let me put these down honey, so I can enjoy your talented mouth." 

I stripped off my clothes and lay across the bed. She was already hot, and the movie turned us both on. She bent over my erection, opened her mouth wide, and swallowed the head. The warm, wetness engulfed my member and sucked she gently while playing her tongue along the length of my cock. Her lips spread wider as she slowly made her way down the length of my cock, her tongue darting out every few seconds to slick the sides of my shaft.

I glanced up at the screen and saw one starlet fucking the other in the ass with a strap-on. They were in doggie-style, and she'd built speed, until she was banging into her, their bodies slapping together. My cock hardened in Kelly's mouth. She'd been peeking up at the screen every few seconds, but I couldn't see her reaction.

Kelly sucked hard on my cock like a sex maniac. If she didn't slow down soon I was going to shoot in her mouth. Her hand was buried between her thighs and rubbed in tight round circles. Few things are better than having your cock sucked by a woman who loves it.

In the mirror beside the bed, I could see Kelly and she inserted one then two manicured fingers into her dewy hole. I watched her fingers go from dry to glistening with her juices. The sloshing noises mixed with the wet slaps coming from the television. I was in heaven.

            Kelly knows me well; she raised her head and smiled the wickedest little smile I'd seen on her face in some time. "I've got a little surprise treat for you tonight, but you have to do exactly as I tell you."

            "Sure baby, anything." Wondering what my little vixen had in mind.

            Kelly reached into her 'Funbox', as she called it. That's where we keep most of our toys. I stroked my hardness lazily to keep it hard and watched two guys and one woman in a double penetration.

            She held some scarves above my head. Grinning broadly, she tied me securely to the bed frame. I love four-poster beds; they make playing so much easier and wickedly fun. She only tied my arms above my head leaving my legs free. Crawling over my prone body, she rubbed her tits on my face. I raised my head to suck her hard nipples and was rewarded with mouthfuls of her tasty orbs. Then she crawled up my torso and positioned her dripping pussy above my face. I lapped the delicate fringes of her curls and the outermost area of her lips. She teased me by placing her ass just within reach.

            I froze, because she'd never offered me her ass before. She'd grudgingly consented to allow me to lick her ass from time to time, if she got hot and I played my cards perfectly. Never had she so wantonly showed desire for it.

            Before she could change her mind, I slid my tongue over her rosebud. She didn't move. My cock throbbed with hardness. Her hands worked my balls and shaft, relieving only the tiniest fraction of the sexual desire she'd created by giving me her anus.

            I laved the sweet and spicy taste of her nether passage. It resisted my probes, tightening every time I tried to push my tongue past the entrance. Kelly squirmed and gasped above me, enthusiastic for the new sensation. I felt like I was going to burst from the rise in heat racing through my body.

            She pushed back against my face, and her outer ring dilated a bit. I leapt at the chance and plunged my tongue passed the opening. Her anal ring grasped my tongue in a vice-like grip, but I was in.

            Kelly moaned loudly, encouraging me to delve deeper. Part of me was wishing my hands were loose so I could play with her cunt at the same time. While another part basked in the restraint, that kept my hands at bay. I struggled against my bonds, and Kelly giggled between loud pants and ground her ass, hard onto my face. I wanted to fuck her so desperately that I twisted on the bed.

            Without the slightest warning, Kelly raised her wonderful ass from my sex-hungry tongue. Her ass was gone. She rolled over to the 'Funbox', and retrieved a full bottle of lube. Kelly returned to my side and leisurely opened the bottle and let it drip out one drop at a time onto my throbbing member. The cool gel slipped around my heated shaft and coated the taut skin. She placed her free hand on my cock and rubbed the slick liquid onto my shaft.

            Rolling over onto her knees, Kelly squirted a generous amount onto her palm and closed the cap. Positioning herself over me with her back to me, I watched as she rubbed the lube onto and around her rosebud. I noticed that I hadn't taken a breath and a sigh rushed out of my lungs. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

            Suddenly, she stood straight up on the bed, standing over me, pausing as though she was contemplating her next move. Then she lowered her butt to my gyrating groin, still facing away from me; aiming for a completely different hole than ever before.             Kelly was going to drive me out of my mind. She seemed to be focusing on the movie playing on the screen. I craned my neck to see around her and saw a woman riding a cock anally in reverse cowgirl. My dick swelled and bobbed uncontrollably.

            "Hold still." Kelly chided. She held me by the base of my cock, aimed the head at her dark flower, dilated the opening by slightly pushing out, and lowered herself onto my swollen glans.             "Don't you dare move or else I'll stop, you understand?" Kelly demanded and tightened her grip on my cock.

            "Uh-huh," was all I could sputter.

            Kelly pushed out again. I slipped in another inch. Her tunnel was so strangely hot and tight, a sensation I thought I'd never feel with Kelly. Another inch, I pulled harder on the scarves to fight the urge to buck my hips. Another half inch, we were halfway there. I looked at Kelly's glowing back, covered in a sheen of perspiration. Her hand remained at the base of my cock, and it proudly throbbed with happiness.

            As my head pierced her inner sphincter, she paused to catch her breath. Then in one big swoosh; she sucked the rest of my cock completely into her gripping anus. I groaned in satisfaction and Kelly shushed me. She crouched with her feet on either side of my body, and slowly worked into a rhythm. Holding my thighs for support, she gently bounced up and down, in an excruciatingly slow fashion. I watched in fascination, as her sexy, round bottom swallowed my hardness. She'd brought me to paradise and introduced herself to it as well.

            Kelly sped up. I couldn't believe that she relaxed so easily, and yet was so tight and tender at the stretched opening. With each bounce, she took every inch, pulling out right up to my cock head.

            "Baby, untie me, please. I've got to touch you."

            "O.K., but be gentle."

            "Oh, I will baby, I will."

            Kelly reached behind herself and undid the tightly bound knots. When my hands were free, I grabbed her ass, her adorable ass, and helped her slide up and down. My balls pulled tight up into my body. Her tunnel was on fire, and I was ready to coat her insides with white foam. I wasn't going to last much longer under that amazing sensation.

            "Kelly. I'm going to come, " I stuttered between breaths.

            "No. Fuck me, lover. I'll stay still, and you do all the action."

            I knew exactly what she wanted. We'd fucked in this position before, but I was always in her pussy. I was getting a treat Id never expected. Holding her ass, while she readied herself for the onslaught, I thrust in and out of her dilated butt. Driving into her faster and deeper, and shaking the whole bed in the process. We were both panting loudly, combined with the noises coming from the video, it sounded like an orgy was taking place in the room.

            "Come inside me lover. Come in my ass," she gasped.

            I gritted my teeth and clenched her cheeks tight, my fingers leaving red marks on her cheeks. Calling out nonsensical gibberish, I exploded deep in the recesses of lust and her bottom.

            Kelly let me bury some seed, and then quickly pulled her butt from my spouting prick. The rest of it shot across her ass cheeks, and dripped down the gentle arc as if trying to get inside with the rest of my come. Her anus gaped and closed with her own contractions, as if gasping for air.

            Kelly rolled off me onto her side and I slid up behind her into 'spoon' position. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her on the neck. She had completely blown me away. When I asked her how she could take me so easily, Kelly slipped me a devilish grin and said, "Practice makes perfect."




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