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Surprise Treat:  "In the mirror beside the bed, I could see Kelly and she inserted one then two manicured fingers into her dewy hole. I watched her fingers go from dry to glistening with her juices. The sloshing noises mixed with the wet slaps coming from the television. I was in heaven. (Anal)
Satin Slippers and Cowboys Boots: She sipped her coffee slowly, measuring her response. "It most certainly is my business. Denise is my bitch and no damn cowboy is going to contaminate my bitch unless I say so." (D/s, DP, Anal, Group)
Something New: "I want to try something new," Addison whispered into his ear emphasizing her words with a tight squeeze of his shaft. His cock was wet from their earlier lovemaking and her fingers slid easily up and down his stiffening member. (Anal)
Thrill Hammer: Basking in the deluge of titillation, Rosie was oblivious to the invasion of privacy. Her nipples hardened from the onslaught of rolling waves, the thrashing salty spray igniting the embers of passion. (Satire)
The Drive: From the corner of my eye, I see the object of my desire, a beautifully adorned female, in all her glory. The most stunning creature of our species, in the prime of her fruitful years, awaits my arrival. (Riddle, Other)

Novellas and Series

Dakota: The sequel to ‘Trail of Seduction’. The story of Betsy and 'her man'. (Adult Western Novella, Violence)
Flashers: Incredibly hot, short stories. Each story no longer than one hundred searing hot words. Complete stories, with beginning, middle, and end, come and see how hot I can make them.
Coffee Series: By Jude Mason & D. Musgrave. A little weave that took on a life of its own...Follow along as Tabitha and Tom weave their way.


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