Something New

By D. Musgrave



Something New
D. Musgrave

Steven's spent cock slipped out immediately followed by a thick milky glob. Addison lay on her back, feeling the seed slither down between her ass-cheeks, making her wetter. She’d been teetering on the verge of orgasm when he came and she throbbed dully, aching for release.

"More." Addison groaned, desperately.

Steven crawled between her legs and slid his tongue deep into her quim, probing the cum-filled depths. Instantly, she was back on the blissful curve. Addison wrapped her fingers into his thick black hair, urging him to explore deeper. His tongue was like a machine, thrusting, probing, and circling the trembling orifice deftly before slipping back in.

Her thighs trembled as waves of pleasure washed over her. She climbed steadily toward the orgasm that she desperately craved. His tongue flashed up towards her sensitive clit and he flicked it with rapid strokes, while he easing two fingers into her drenched center. Within seconds, she thrashed on the bed, caught in a quivering climax.

Steven timed his thrusts to match Addison's pulsating quim. Through gritted teeth, she growled. Her hips heaved up and he met her thrusts, sealing his lips onto her mound. The pressure was exquisite and she pulled his mouth tight against her aching clit.

Eventually, her convulsions subsided as Addison's orgasm peaked, her limbs fell limply, and she relaxed into the mattress, her breathing rapid and husky. Steven let up on her clit, his fingers plunging into her juicy cunt; he lapped gently at her lips. The comforting attention slowly brought her down from the peak.

She opened her eyes and looked down to see him gazing up at her from between her upraised thighs. He was grinning widely, clearly satisfied with himself. His face was coated with a sheen of their mixed fluids.

She reached down and grabbed Steven's shoulder, pulling him up beside her. They kissed and the mingled flavor of his seed and her own cum filled her mouth. Reaching between their bodies, she found his semi-soft cock and took it into her hand, stroking it gently.

She'd heard it was possible for a man to cum twice, and wanted to test the theory for herself. Their tongues danced between open mouths and she became aware of the heat radiating from his body. Within seconds, his cock responded to her fondling. She felt a surge of emotion. It was a blend of raw hunger, naughtiness, and intense need to please him.

"I want to try something new," Addison whispered into his ear emphasizing her words with a tight squeeze of his shaft. His cock was wet from their earlier lovemaking and her fingers slid easily up and down his stiffening member.

"What have you got in mind?" he asked.

"I want your hard cock in my ass," she breathed huskily.

Steven groaned softly and his cock swelled. That was enough of an answer for her. She rolled onto her knees, faced away from him, and pushed her ass in the air. He crawled behind her, placed his hands on her hips, and spread the pliant flesh, revealing the reward awaiting him. He salivated and he lowered his face to her ass. He teased her anus with the tip of his tongue, circling around the outer edges, being careful not to touch the target.

She threw her head around, her eyes filled with lust. She swayed her ass, trying desperately to capture his tongue in her rosebud. He raised his tongue up to the small of her back and slowly drew a wet trail down between her cheeks towards her opening. As he neared her hole, she froze and waited for the first contact.

When his tongue flicked across her anal passage, she moaned and bucked slightly. Deliberately, she reached back and spread her cheeks further, opening her rosebud. Steven swirled his tongue into the exposed inner flesh. His chin rubbed into her dripping folds, adding to her increasing lust.

His tongue glided into her ass and he stroked into her. The flow of juice gathered on her lips and he trailed his fingers through the dewy folds, nearly pushing her over the edge. With his fingers covered in her juice, he replaced his tongue with the soaked digits. Steven rubbed her juice onto the opening.

Instinctively, her backdoor relaxed and his fingertip slipped into her buttery-smooth tunnel. She sighed a mixture of relief and anticipation.

Steven waited for her to move. The wait wasn't long, as she backed into his finger. Soon, his palm pressed against her flowered sex and he gingerly began to rotate the finger deep in her ass.

"Yes," was all she could say.

He smiled and added a second finger. Addison backed into his palm, fucking his fingers with reckless abandon. After a couple of minutes, Steven removed his fingers and she moaned with disappointment.

She rolled over in spoon fashion, facing away from him and pushed her fluttering ass against his hard shaft. Reaching back, she spread her cheeks as he rubbed his lubed cock on her hungry rosebud. Her crease was lubed from his saliva and the cum that oozed out of her pussy.

His cock slid wetly between her cheeks. Each time the swollen head dragged over her pucker, a quiver washed through her, making her eager to have him buried in her ass.

She positioned his flared knob against the winking rosebud and pushed her hips back until she felt his head slide into her tight rear canal. Steven lay motionless, scarcely daring to breath, letting her decide when she was ready to take more of his cock.

Backing her ass onto his twitching shaft, the head pressed against the outer ring. Addison was determined to take him fully and her rosebud stretched to accommodate his pulsating girth.

Inch by searing inch, his stiffness gained entrance to her dark tunnel. The sensation was exquisitely intense, a mixture of hot pressure and absolute fullness flooded her lower body, and she groaned deeply.

Steven reached around her and grabbed one of her breasts. He squeezed and tweaked her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, sending electric shivers in a direct line to her clit. Addison couldn't help but slip a hand between her thighs and rub her distended clit. Almost immediately, she felt the powerful surge of orgasm well up in her body.

Her backdoor convulsed tightly around his thick cock, milking his shaft, wrenching a moan from his throat. She could feel every twitch of his pulsing shaft, her lust peaking. Beside herself with passion, she gasped, "fuck my ass, fuck me…."

Steven rolled her onto her stomach without breaking contact. She was flat on her stomach, with his full weight on her. He kissed and nibbled on the back of her neck, while slowly pumping his cock into her. Unconsciously, she spread her legs as far as possible so that he could get maximum penetration. The hard shaft pushed into her until she felt his balls pressing against her swollen lips.

Having him in her ass was incredible and as he pumped into her with the deliberately steady pace, Addison thought she might pass out from the intensity. Her moans were muffled by the pillows as he stroked into her. She was glad that he'd already cum, sure that he wouldn't have lasted long otherwise. If it felt this good for Addison, she was convinced that the tightness and heat of her anus wreaked havoc on his engorged member.

Addison wedged one hand under her stomach, and groped until she found his dangling balls. She squeezed them gently and pressed them against her drenched cunt until she felt her lips spread. Steven pressed into her and held still, allowing her to coat his balls with her wetness. "Fuck," he murmured, his voice strained with ecstasy.

His pubic hair tickled her outer labia, driving her to total distraction and Addison pushed her other hand down so she could rub her clit while she held his balls against her pussy. Within seconds, she erupted again, the dual sensation of his throbbing shaft buried in her quivering ass and his balls teasing her hungry pussy blew her away.

Although, it was one of the most intense orgasms of her life, she was still unsatisfied. She wanted to feel his hot cum flood her bowels. Summoning every ounce of strength she had, Addison heaved her hips up, forcing him off her. Steven rolled over onto his back and she scrambled on top of him, straddling his hips.

Addison shifted into a squatting position, her gaping backdoor hovering over his prick. Reaching down, she gripped him by the base, held him up, and sank her ass onto the throbbing member. Her ass was accustomed to his thickness and the entry was easy. She dropped until his cock filled her ass, her pussy mashed against his pelvis. Her clit quivered at the incredible sensation of fullness.

Addison slowly bounced on his raging pole, driving it to the hilt with each stroke. Her lips glistened with nectar and sperm that leaked from her pussy. Her fingers found the clit and she vigorously rubbed her swollen button.

The position allowed her to take him deeper and she thrilled at every inch that invaded her. Her pace quickened until she frantically bounced on his lap, reaming her anus on his thick shaft. She quickly climbed to another climax, and had to exert all of her willpower to delay orgasm. She knew if she had another cum like the last one, she'd pass out.

Steven reached up and grabbed a breast in each hand, ruthlessly attacking her erect nipples with his rough fingers. The heat in her rose into a wall of flame and each time she passed her fingertips over her sensitive bead, shudders coursed through her lower body.

From the swelling of his cock, she knew he was close. She thought of his boiling seed filling her and she increased her pace, urging him to cum in her ass.

It turned into a race. Excited by the sensations, nothing could stem her pleasure. She was going to cum again no matter what. Her movements became jerky and every time she dropped her weight, the force of her trusts drove him deeply into her. Just as she reached her peak, he stiffened beneath her. The tendons in his neck tightened and his face contorted into a grimace of ecstasy.

His cock swelled as hard as steel and she felt him explode, pushing her over the edge. They came together, their bodies in mayhem. Her legs failed and she collapsed, crying out, as his member pumped into her ass. Her pussy was aflame and the sweet nectar flowed between her fingers, pooling on his stomach.

They thrashed and moaned, a tangle of quivering, jerking limbs melded together by his hardness pumping into her. Both were drenched with the sticky release.

Eventually, the convulsions faded and they collapsed into each other's arm, both gasping as they regained their breath. Nothing was said, and exhausted by their frantic lovemaking they drifted into a deep sleep.



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