Sexual Healing: Too Shy

By D. Musgrave



Sexual Healing: Too Shy
D. Musgrave

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Despite being married for several years, and loving her husband with all her heart, Sophia is looking for something more—the Big O. But her deep-seated shyness has made that search all but impossible.

Can Dr. Marianne Haley show the inhibited Sophia the way to bliss?  Can she guide Sophia to take what she needs, to both her and her husband's pleasure?


Adult Excerpt 

Marianne flipped through Sophia's file. She had only a few moments before the session and she wanted to make doubly sure she had everything covered. This was a pivotal session, and didn't want to risk missing a thing. 

The bells hanging over the front door jangled, and Marianne knew Sophia was there. She pushed herself away from her desk and went into the waiting room. Sophia sat on one of the chairs off to the side, looking uncomfortable. She was dressed in a floral print sundress and sandals. Her hands were folded neatly on her lap a tissue twisted into a braid.

Marianne took in the cut of the woman's dress. A low neckline revealed Sophia's lightly freckled chest, the hemline stopping just above the knees and showed off her shapely calves. Her blonde hair framed her soft features, coming to rest gently on her shoulders. She wore a light base of makeup, just enough to accentuate her luminous blue eyes and full lips. All signs of a woman showing comfort with her body.

Marianne wondered if these were the first signs of things changing within the woman. "Hi, Sophia. Ready to go on back?"

The woman nodded and got to her feet. Her toes were turned in as if she were pigeon-toed—another sign of her nerves.

Looking up to Sophia's face, she caught the woman darting her attention away nervously. Was she still not ready to have her boundaries tested? Maybe more time was needed to help guide Sophia to the place where she was comfortable with her sexuality.

The purse hanging off Sophia's right shoulder caught Marianne’s attention, the top of her booklet sticking out the top, just as it was when she left at the end of the last session. She hoped the woman had at least read the first chapter. 

Marianne opened the door and motioned Sophia in. Marianne looked up for a brief moment. Their gazes met. Sophia's had the same doe-eyed look of innocence Marianne had seen the week before when the woman thumbed through the booklet. However, this time there was something different. Her eyes seemed darker with a hint of hunger in her look. 

Taking the look as a tiny signal, she followed Sophia and thought she noticed a bit more sway in the woman's hips. Marianne took her usual seat in the chair across from the couch and waited for Sophia to settle in. She watched closely, looking for evidence of Sophia's comfort level, but saw nothing.

Sophia hesitated, her eyes on the door to the Suite. Marianne remembered telling Sophia what was beyond the door in an earlier session and that eventually she would see that room when she was ready.

Marianne said, "Sophia, when you’re ready, all you have to do is go through that door."

Sophia looked at Marianne, then at the door. For a moment it seemed as if the woman would go to the door, but she simply sighed and sat down on the sofa. Sophia relaxed, the hem of her dress rising high on her thighs, revealing her creamy flesh, but she pressed her knees together and placed her hands in her lap. This woman was a web of contradictions. At once revealing more skin, but sitting in a closed posture.

Marianne sat quietly, letting Sophia be the first to speak. She seldom did this with shy clients. Openly talking about sex wasn't something most people did freely, even less so for the shy. She wanted to test Sophia and see if she could overcome her uneasiness and begin the session.

Sophia fidgeted, twisting the tissue into an even tighter braid. She still didn't speak. She didn't even look up to Marianne. For all Marianne knew, the whole session could go on like this, but Marianne wasn't going to rescue her though. Sophia had to make first move.

Marianne decided that the woman needed another week before a real challenge could be presented. If she pushed her too fast, Sophia could revert to an even more reserved and withdrawn version of herself. If that happened, the months of painstaking progress would be lost. She might even lose Sophia as a client.

Sophia whispered, "I did more than just read the first chapter and answer the questions at the end."

Caught off guard, Marianne grasped at her client’s words and asked, "Did it help?"

Sophia shrugged and stopped twisting the tissue. She stared at the floor for a moment as if she were about to answer, but something stopped her.

Marianne decided to count the single sentence as a victory, even as minor as it was. She pressed on. "What did you mean by you did more?"

Sophia shot her gaze up to Marianne, her look tentative, like that of a guilty child still unsure if they'd been caught. Marianne didn't need to hear her answer. "It's okay," Marianne said.
            "B-but you're a woman," Sophia said.

"So? That doesn't mean anything."

She looked up to Marianne as if searching for a meaning.

"It means you have a healthy appetite and have been hiding it for so long, you have managed to hide it even from yourself."

"I guess…"


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