Sexual Healing: The Intervention

By D. Musgrave



Sexual Healing: The Intervention
D. Musgrave

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Adult Excerpt

Closing the door to the Suite behind her, Marianne walked to her office door and called up the hallway, "Michael, it's time for the couple session."

Walking into her office, he stopped just inside the entrance. "Where's Jean?"

Marianne held back a smile. "Go on in. Jean will be with us in a moment."

He walked straight to the sofa, but before he could sit down, Marianne said, "We're not working in here today." She went to the other side of the room and lightly rapped on the door.

It swung open a moment later. There standing in the doorway was Jean. She was dressed in a fishnet body suit and spiked heels. She held a riding crop in her right hand, her left palm placed on her hip. Her eyes were dark with lust and she'd painted her lips bright red. She took a step through the door and smacked her thigh with the crop. "Today is your lucky day, Michael. You're going to get to live out a dream."

Michael stared wide-eyed at Jean, but didn't speak. Marianne wondered if he could.

The reason for his shocked silence was obvious. Jean was stunning. The lingerie fit better than Marianne had hoped it would. The form fitting bustier complimented her full figure beautifully. It didn't hurt that the built in push-up bra presented her ample breasts perfectly.

Jean gave Michael a moment to take in her new look, then she smacked her thigh again with the crop. The loud slap jerked him out of his trance.

"Jean? What's going on here?"

Before she could answer, Marianne said, "It's called an intervention."

"An intervention?" Michael's voice shook.

"Yes, an intervention," Jean spoke up.

To Marianne's delight, Jean stepped forward and brought the riding crop up, dragging the flat end up the front of his shirt. Jean whispered, "I'm ready, are you?

Michael stood dumb-founded, but his head nodded slightly.

"Don't play dumb with me, Michael. I know all about your fantasies."

He shot Marianne an accusing glare. He opened his mouth to speak, but Jean tapped him on the chin with the end of the crop, drawing his focus back to her. "You're the one who kept it a secret from me. You should be happy Dr. Haley told me."

Lowering his head, he whispered something too low for Marianne to hear. Jean forced his chin back up and said, "Speak up."

Taking a ragged breath, he said, "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am."

Marianne was amazed at the transformation. She'd expected Jean to be the quicker of the two to take to the intervention, but this was going even better than she'd hoped. A brief thought flashed through her mind that Jean may have done more than just fantasized about dominating Michael, maybe she'd done some research.

Marianne walked past both Jean and Michael, whispering into Jean's ear, "Take him to the Suite." She entered the room and turned to watch the couple.

Nodding, Jean stepped away from Michael and turned toward the open door. She stopped just beyond the threshold and stood with her arms folded across her chest. Her posture was straight and spoke of her new confidence. Obediently, Michael followed, but froze when he stepped through the doorway. His eyes widened as he scanned the interior of the room. His mouth fell open, but he didn't speak.

As instructed, Jean gave him time to take in the room—a full blown BDSM dungeon. The walls were lined with D-rings set at various heights. There were benches and tables designed for countless forms of punishment, but the one object that drew his attention was the large wooden cross in the shape of an X on the back wall. Marianne followed his stare to the St. Andrew's Cross. She would have loved to have Jean use that, but she knew it would be a bit too much for Michael.

Moving to the corner, Marianne took a spot out of the way to observe. As much as she wanted to participate, she had to let this happen with as little involvement from her as possible.

Jean went to the far end of the Suite, stopping beside an ornate dressing screen. Her voice was steady when she said, "Michael, you're new clothes are behind this screen. You have five minutes."

He didn't move. It was as if his feet were nailed to the floor. He gaped at Jean.

Jean brought the riding crop up and slid the shaft through her left hand. It was a subtle move, but it was more than enough of a signal.

He jerked into motion, lowered his head, and moved past Jean. When he stepped around the edge of the screen, he froze in place. He gasped loud enough that Marianne heard clear across the room. 

"You have four minutes. You'd best get busy, or I may change my mind."

Jean drew back and smacked the flat end of the crop against the back of his thigh, sending him into motion. She saw his silhouette clearly through the thin fabric of the screen as he undressed. Jean stepped away from the corner and moved to the foot of the bed.

Everything was progressing smoothly. Although Michael still had yet to completely submit to Jean, and Jean would have to assume complete control.

The next stage was at hand and Marianne tried to keep as calm as she could. She could not allow her own excitement affect the reaction of her clients. She had to take the role of a guide and only steer if the need arose. Stepping across the room, Marianne whispered to Jean, "You know what to do. Go with your first instincts."

Jean nodded.

"This is your fantasy. Trust yourself."

Her face relaxed and she whispered back, "Yes. I can do this."

Marianne moved to her chair in the far corner. She'd just managed to take a seat when Michael peered around the edge of the dressing screen at Jean.

The woman folded her arms across her chest and said, "Well? Are you going to model your outfit, or not?"

Michael opened his mouth to speak, but instead, flashed Jean a pleading look.

She chuckled and said, "Pathetic."


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