D. Musgrave's
Published Works


'Binary Stars Vol. 4: Performance Review' Mark goes to work for a friend.  It’s a mistake.  He’s given an ultimatum that is doomed to fail. After a particularly bad performance review, he catches the owner’s wife having sex with the shop foreman.  With nothing left to lose, he takes advantage of the situation and teaches her a lesson.  Buy Here: Performance Review


'Sexual Healing: Too Shy' Despite being married for several years, and loving her husband with all her heart, Sophia is looking for something more—the Big O. But her deep-seated shyness has made that search all but impossible. Can Dr. Marianne Haley show the inhibited Sophia the way to bliss?  Can she guide Sophia to take what she needs, to both her and her husband's pleasure? Buy Here: Sexual Healing: Too Shy


'Sexual Healing: The Intervention' Jean and Michael's marriage is in trouble. Not because they're incompatible, but because they are ashamed of their fantasies. Out of ideas, they turn to Sex Surrogate, Dr. Marianne Haley, who resorts to the only thing that may work; an intervention. Can she save their marriage? Will they be able to handle the truth of their shared fantasies? Buy Here: Sexual Healing: The Intervention



'Continuing Education Blurb' By day, Stephanie Barrett is a high school English Teacher.  By night, she's the Grand Mistress of a dungeon club, without a submissive to call her own. When she spots Nicolas Adamson, back in town from college, she remembers the strong feelings she had for him, but never acted on. A plan forms in her mind, to lure him into her lair. Thus begins the realization of her longest held fantasy--to find a submissive of her own. Buy Here: Phaze Fantasies VI

'Blood Creek Haunting'  Emily is trying to rebuild her life after the loss of her fiancé. As she's having a house built on her family's land, she discovers that her great-great grandfather was the leader of a Calvary brigade that massacred an Indian village. A set of strange hauntings begins and Emily must find some way to repay her ancestor's debt and find peace in her new life before she loses everything, including her mind. Can Emily find a way to repay the debt? Will she survive the haunting? These questions and many more will be answered in due time. Buy Here: Blood Creek Haunting.

'Hidden Treasures, Discovering Eros'  A compilation of the best short stories from D. Musgrave. The breadth and range of genres covered in this anthology is as broad as any previously published.  You'll find everything from Fem/Dom, Voyeurism, Bisexuality, Noir, Fantasy, XXX, and possibly a bit of humor.  The boundaries of these stories are the reaches of my imagination. Buy Here: Hidden Treasures: Discovering Eros

Foxy! A tale of Bikers and Babes' Voted #2 on the 2004 Preditors and Editors Poll for Best Romance: Is a wild novel of bikers and biker babes. When Jake Edmonds, a road weary biker/loner, rolls into a small town, hoping to find some work and maybe a place to hang his helmet, he finds more trouble than he bargained for and meets two women who will change his life. Buy Here: Foxy!

'Trail of Seduction': is an erotic western set in the 1850's that tells the tale of Kathleen and her escape from an oppressive husband. In the end, she's become the woman she was meant to be. Voted 4th in the Preditors and Editors Poll for Best Romance novel. Buy Here: Trail of Seduction

'Mistress of Fire': He quickly removed his hands from his shaft and folded them behind his back. She'd caught him in the act and he knew she'd make him pay. Available in Erotic Fantasy: Tales of the Paranormal, edited by Justus Roux. Available at all major bookstores.



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