Foxy: A Smoking Hot Tale of

Bikers and Biker Babes



Trail of Seduction


D. Musgrave

A fan's response to the novel:
I loved this erotic suspense! Most people have a preconceived idea 
about a biker's life and I guess to some extent some of it may be true 
but this story showed the emotional side of bikers. I loved all the 
characters. It seemed you kept readers on their toes with the constant 
surprises and turmoil the characters faced while lacing the story with 
some very hot scenes. Great job!!!


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'Foxy!' is the the tale of a road weary biker, settling down and growing roots. An old friendship turns into a business venture, and Jake soon finds himself embroiled in a web of lust, money laundering, and afoul of the law.

Here's an excerpt from 'Foxy!'. I hope you enjoy just a taste of Jake's story.


I'd never worked so hard in my life.  The first couple of days, I worked from sun-up to sundown making the house livable.  The rest of the time, I spent cleaning and rebuilding the bar.  I discovered that termites had eaten through most of the flooring.  I seriously thought about leaving, but something caused me to stay.

Two weeks into the project, I was tearing up the rotten flooring behind the bar when I found a locked strongbox wedged between a couple of the floor joists. I set the rust-covered metal box on the ledge behind the bar.  Just as curiosity was about to get the better of me, I heard the low rumble of a bike in the parking lot.

Without stopping to think why, I put the box in the bottom of my tool chest and locked the drawer.  I walked to the door, ready to tell the biker that the bar wasn't open yet.  Wiping the sweat and dirt from my face with a rag, I was shocked to see a blonde woman swing her leg over the back of a Custom Sportster.

The standard front forks were replaced with long-rake shocks that had turned the bike into more of a low-rider.  She'd spent a lot of money on chrome and custom aluminum mag wheels.

I watched silently from inside the dark embrace of the bar as she reached into one of the black leather saddlebags and pulled out a brown paper bag.  Her blonde ponytail flipped with a twist of the head as she pulled the helmet off and hung it by the chinstrap on the handlebar.  She walked straight for the front door, as if she owned the place.

I recognized Crash the moment she looked up from the gravel lot.  I hadn't seen her since that first day in the Wounded Grizzly with Pick, and I'd almost forgotten about her.  She wore jeans, chaps, a black do-rag and a tight leather vest, the dream of many bikers.  An honest-to-God biker bitch.

Nervous for the first time in memory, I hesitated before walking out the door to meet her.  "I'm not open for business," were the only words that came to mind.

Crash stopped two feet from me, looked into my eyes, and held the bag towards me.  "You hungry, Jake?  I brought you something to eat."

I tried to regain my composure.  "How did you know my name?"

"Everyone in town knows about you.  Besides, I hear you might be needing some help."

I looked her over again, flashing back to her dancing naked that first day in town.  "I could use something to eat, anyway.  What did you bring?"

Crash smiled and opened the bag.  "I brought burgers and fries.  You got anything to drink in this dump?"

"You want to help me out, and you start by calling my bar a dump?"

"Look at it.  I wouldn't shit in there."

I laughed loud and hard.  She had style, and was tough enough to back it up.  "You got me there.  Come on back to my little house.  I've got beer in the fridge and a clean place to sit, or shit, if you want."

I turned and walked through the cluttered bar straight to the backdoor.  I knew Crash was behind me, but I didn't look back.  Showing insecurity is more dangerous with a woman like her than with any man.

The house wasn't much to look at; it was little more than an apartment with outside walls.  I opened the door, held it for Crash, and watched her enter.  She moved like a cat: efficient and without unnecessary motion.  Having seen her naked already, I was surprised to find myself checking her out.  Her apple-shaped butt was perfectly framed by the chaps.  I had the urge to drop to my knees and worship her tight round globes.  Being a butt man made this more pronounced, as she had the shape for which I'm particularly weak-kneed.  Her long supple legs were encased in denim and leather and tapered into a pair of lace-up leather boots.  She looked just as tasty clothed as she did naked, a real ball-breaker.  I stared at her lithe form as she sashayed across the small living room to the kitchen.

* * * * *
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