Computer Tease

By Jude Mason



Computer Tease
Jude Mason

She'd been working on the computer for hours trying to get the books straightened out and having a tough go of it. Her mind wandered with thoughts of you and the lovemaking you'd shared last night. Your tender touches and the lips she loved to kiss and lick. The way your body felt against hers when you'd pulled her close against you. Remembering the feel of your large strong hands brought a sigh of longing from deep inside her.

No, she reminded herself for the nth time. She had to get this done. Again, she returned to the numbers and columns on the screen, only to have her mind wander again minutes later. Finally giving in, she pushed her chair away and leaning back closed her eyes, just for a moment...and drifted off to sleep.

You found her just like that. Fast asleep, when you wandered in to see how she was getting along. Almost you woke her, but instead decided on a much more wicked plan.

Silently you stripped off your clothes. Carefully sliding the papers off her desk and stacking them on the floor. Pushing the keyboard over you perched yourself on the desk directly in front of her. Once seated with legs spread, you rested one foot on either side of her bottom. Then you watched her and began to masturbate. Slowly, caressing yourself until you were almost fully erect. Tugging gently on the loose skin that covered your testicles while thinking of the pleasure you'd shared the night before.

Moving slightly to lean back, your butt shifted a book. It teetered on the edge of the desk, then fell to the floor with a loud thud. Her eyes snapped open and all she could see was you. Your hand slowly sliding the skin up and down the shaft while the other tenderly squeezed and cupped your balls. She couldn't take her eyes off you, afraid to move in case it was a dream and you disappeared.

"Hi Kim, you fell asleep. You looked so innocent and sexy, I couldn't help myself, I want you. Look how hard I am just looking at you", your voice was a husky whisper. Dragging her gaze away from your center, she looked up into your eyes seeing the lust and desire growing. Then her eyes drifted downwards over your body, coming to rest again on your hands as they slowly tugged and teased.

Sliding your bottom to the edge of the desk, you raised one leg and set your foot beside yourself on the desk. Your knee fell to the side, fully exposing yourself to Kim. Leaning back, you rested your shoulders against the wall behind you. Then gazing down at your well spread legs you unselfconsciously watch yourself and Kim watching you. This posture opened you fully and Kim could see your tight nether hole peeking from below your balls as you caressed them. Lifting your half closed eyes you looked straight at Kim almost dreamily. Raising the hand away from your swollen testicles to your mouth, you slid the index finger in and sucked it. Wetting it, you teased her with your tongue sliding over it like she wanted to lick and suck your cock. When you'd teased her enough and were ready for more, you slowly lowered that hand. Her eyes followed as you eased your fingers back over your balls to the crinkled star of your anus. The tip of your wetted finger circled around the outer ring of muscle, pressing in and out. Gently wiggling and massaging you loosened then spread your entrance, slowly dipping inside. Eyes closed with pleasure, you moaned softly as Kim sat trembling, watching your hands pleasuring yourself.

Unable to just sit and watch any longer, Kim pulled herself forward and reached for you. With a soft smile on your face you looked down at her then pushed her hands away.

"Take off your clothes Kim, please. God, you make me so horny. I want to show you how turned on you get me."

Sliding her chair back Kim stood then quickly began shedding her clothes. Sweater, jeans, then making sure you're watching, she turned her back to you and slid the tips of her fingers into the sides of her panties. Twisting her face around she watched you over her shoulder. Slowly she pushed them down over her full ripe hips. Bending a the waist, she pushed them down her thighs then lower and finally off. Daintily stepping out of them, she tossed them aside. Making sure her legs were slightly parted she shifted so her bottom was pointing directly towards you. Again your moan brought her head around. Tightly your fist closed around the base of your blood filled shaft and she watched it throb.

"Sit down Kim and watch me. I'm hard just for you," your voice, a gravel like whisper. She lowered herself into her chair, not taking her eyes off you. Making sure her knees were spread wide, her own tease began. How wet and swollen her sex had become.

Then you began to torment her with your cock. Your hand wrapped firmly around its base you pointed it towards her. The first clear drop of pre cum oozed from the tip, begging to be licked off. Slowly your fist moved upwards forcing more of the precious liquid out of the widened slit. With the ball of your thumb, you spread it round the mushroom shaped head. Your tightened fist pushed the skin down the shaft, drew it tight all the way to the base. Kim watch as it twitched and swelled, another clear drop forming at the tip. Withdrawing the finger from your nether hole, you circle it around and over the plum shaped head.

Your thighs tensed in pleasure, the exhibitionism a new exciting game. With experienced fingers you tickled along the slit then just beneath the head, to that sweet spot. Moaning as it jumped at the light touch, your mouth sagged open as your hips jerked upwards. Again, your hand moved to your swollen sack and pulled. The freshly lubricated digit found, then entered your dark tunnel.

Kim's hands were on her own crotch, unable to remain still any longer. Pussy lips spread wide with the fingers of one hand, the other plunged fingers deep inside. Groaning as her clitoris rubbed against the palm of her hand she mirrored your movements, her excitement rapidly climbing.

Nearing your threshold, you pulled your hands away and hopped off the desk. Standing in front of Kim, your cock swayed and drooled.  One hand, a little roughly dragged through her hair, then clenched. Your fist held her in place while you rubbed your hard shaft all over her face. Kim twisted and turned trying desperately to trap you in my mouth, but is held at bay.

She was nearly ready to scream when you relented. With a firm hold of the shaft, you allow the tip to graze her lips. Your hips swayed and her tongue darted across your glans tasting you. Groaning softy, you pushed forward and entered her mouth. Hungrily she sucked, her tongue still played over the head. You began to thrust it into her mouth, deeper and deeper with each stroke. Spongy crown touched the back of her throat. Your hand held her there, cock filling her mouth. Closing her eyes, almost gagging, she swallowed. The head of your cock was squeezed deliciously as it entered her throat.

Groaning, too close to erupting you pulled away. All the way out and gripped the base of your shaft tightly. Kim watched as it throbbed wildly, a long ribbon of your clear nectar hung from it. After a few moments you loosened your grip then released your prick to wave in front of her face. The tip brushed her lips, bruised from your use of them.

Reaching down you took her by the upper arms and pulled her, almost roughly to her feet. On weakened knees she's spun around then pushed across the desk. Her lushly curved ass faced you. Not satisfied, you pulled her legs further away from the desk then spread her feet still farther apart.

With slightly shaking hands you began to caress her from her tense shoulders on down. The tip of your cock left a wet sticky trail along her thigh. When your hands reached her bottom, you bent and began to lick and kiss then gently bite her plump white cheeks. Massaging the large muscles, pulling them apart then pressing them tight together. Long fingers stray to the deep cleft separating the soft globes of flesh, then further to gently probe. Circling the tight bud of her anus she sobbed with unfathomable desire. Your tongue followed the same route, licking and kissing wetly. Her sweet woman juices ran freely down my thighs and you knelt to lick her clean.

With gentle hands you spread her cheeks wide and slid your tongue down her crease.  Kim groaned as you touched her tightly clenched nether hole. Using the tip of your tongue you licked and gently probed, entering her then withdrawing, only to enter again. Soon she was gasping. Grinding herself back onto your face, the surprising coolness of your tongue enflamed her.

Standing you took hold of your prick once more and placed the tip at her dark entrance. Slowly you leaned forward pressing it in. She was tight and at first you met a slight resistance and held still. Then, like the bloom of a flower she opened beneath you. With patience and gentle pressure you slowly sank passed the outer ring of muscle. The head was encased within and you held still while her muscles loosened and relaxed around you. Then you push further into her. Your shaft slowly sank deeper, each ridge and vein felt as it filled her. You groaned and held the cheeks of her bottom tightly. Pulling her back onto your hardness until you were impaled, your balls resting against her slick pussy lips. Holding still for a moment, savoring the feel of her rectum clenched on you. Reaching down you find her clitoris and began to slowly slide your finger along its short shaft. Around and around your slick finger caressed her, till she was gasping and beginning to work her hips against you.

The dance began then, the slow animal dance that both wanted. Oh so slowly at first, with you barely moving inside her. Your hand worked her clit and the sweat pouring off you both. She controlled the speed and began to move against you more. Not hard and fast slamming, but a gentle fucking in and out. Then grinding from side to side while she reached between her spread thighs and caressed your testicles. Feeling them tighten and pull away from her clutching fingers, your fingers tugged and stroking her clit. Your fingers thrust into her pussy the muscles sucking at them. Her rectum clenched tightly around your prick, pulling you inside.

Juices trickled down her thighs, a mingled mixture from both. Sobbing loudly, she pushed her bottom back onto you grinding hard cumming. Your fingers on her clit pressed hard against the button of nerves and she began to convulse against you. Holding her tightly, you too began your own climax. Deep inside her bottom your cock jerked, sending your sperm deep into her bowels. Your arms wrapped around her holding her tight you empty yourself, each jerk of your cock felt and answered by her spasms. Finally spent you lay across her back for a moment, regaining your breath just holding her in your arms.

Tender kisses along her shoulders, your hands cupping a breast and the mound of her sex bring her slowly back to reality. Your erection began to fade and slipped from her. Your hand moved from her pussy to cover the now empty opening of her anus. Gently pressed against her, the muscles clenched still, you kissed her and whispered, "I love you, come let me bath you my sweet."

Standing, your arms enfolded her tenderly. She turned to face you, laying her head on your chest. Feeling the steady strong beat of your heart she sighed and whispered back to you, "I love you too and yes please a bath for both of us, and thank you."





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