Coffee Too

By D. Musgrave



Coffee Too
D. Musgrave

The cool morning breeze raised goose bumps on his back. It didn't help that he was bare-ass naked. Nipples as hard as his cock, 'Any minute now', he whispered as he sank to his knees behind the row of bushes.

Tom had positioned himself strategically for maximum effect. He had a direct line of sight to the window and gave Tabitha easy sight of his tattoo. Watching the window for any sign of movement, he felt the heaviness of his hardness bouncing between his legs in time to the rhythm of his heartbeat. He'd been planning this performance since shortly after moving into the neighborhood. The first time he laid eyes on her he knew it was just a matter of time before he'd be out here, naked and masturbating. This had always worked before and there was no reason to believe it wouldn't work again.

A light flickered to life beyond the window; he reached for his cock, and began the slow rhythmic stroking. The tightness in the small of his back increased as he flexed on the plug lodged deep within his rectum. Rivulets of pre-cum began to drool from his cockhead at the multiple stimulation of masturbation, gripping a butt-plug, and performing for an unwitting audience.

He knew she was watching him; the heat of her stare warming his exposed flesh. Turning away from her sight, he hid a grin that slowly curled the corners of his mouth. Pretending to be watching the couple next-door helped conceal the fact that she was the object of his desire. From the moment he saw her jet-black hair, smallish perk breasts, and apple-shaped bottom, he was infatuated with her unique beauty. He just had to meet her and what better introduction than to be 'caught' pleasuring himself in her backyard.

Tom struggled with the urge to look in the direction of the kitchen window. Knowing that if he made eye contact with Tabitha the gig would be up. This was a big risk to be taking with such new neighbors. He focused his gaze towards the newlywed's bedroom window, and saw the shades were only partially closed. If he concentrated, he could see flashes of body movement beyond the open drapes, but couldn't make out whether it was Jack, Sarah, or both.

Tom pictured Tabitha watching him, as he masturbated for her. His eyes closed and his head lolled backwards. The muscles in his back strained as he fought to control the rapidly approaching orgasm. Slipping his freehand down past his throbbing cock, he adjusted the plug in his ass and pressed his thumb firmly against the base, increasing the pressure on his prostate. Involuntarily, his thighs slid open from the pressure of the butt-plug. The steady stream of pre-cum flowed down his shaft, lubricating his fist.

He gripped the shaft tighter, and stroked his cock in long slow steady strokes. Struggling to remain perched upon his wobbly knees, he fucked his clenched fist with heightened urgency. His penis swelled to new heights as cum raced up his shaft and sprayed into the air. Tom's erection jerked in his tight grip, as each spasm forced another volley to gush from his swelled cockhead. The Bayberry bush was decorated with the testament of his lust for her.

Tom leaned forward on his hands and knees, attempting to regain some semblance of composure. Though his prick began to soften, he was still aroused. Slowly, he stood and discreetly made his way towards the back of Tabitha's house. He gathered the robe and slippers that he'd hidden in her hydrangeas. Taking one last glance back towards the beauty in the kitchen window, he saw Tabitha with her back to the window sipping coffee. The ball is in her court.




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