Coffee Still

By D. Musgrave



Coffee Still
D. Musgrave

Sighing, Tom sagged against the edge of the dresser, his once proud member, softening and bowing forward, mocking him. The shaft glistening with Tabitha's saliva and his spend.

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes, longing etched on her sweat-beaded face. He reached down and trailed an index finger along her cheekbone. As his fingertip curled under her chin and drew up the other side of her face, she smiled deeply. She turned her head and captured his digit between her crimson lips.

The hunger of her craving washed over her body and she shuddered as she sucked his finger into her mouth. She locked her eyes on his as she twirled her tongue around his digit, fellating the substitute cock.

Watching her body tremble and her lips caressing his forefinger, he whispered, "Don't you think it's my turn to watch you?"

She thought for a moment and pulling her mouth off his finger, replied, "Go sit on the chair in the corner."

He smiled and walked slowly across the floor to the wingback chair in the far corner of the master bedroom. She watched his ass as he moved gracefully to the chair and took his place. Exhibitionism had always excited her, but she'd never had the nerve to go through with it, at least not with Phillip.

Masturbation had become an all-too-common activity in her sexually frustrated life. Using this poignant fact to her benefit, she decided to give Tom a show he wouldn't forget.

The moment Tom sank into the cushions of the seldom-used chair; Tabitha stood slowly, and stalked to the large king-size bed. Moving as seductively as she could remember from her youth, she lowered herself onto the corner of the bed and threw her head back.

The arching of her chest forced her breasts outward. Her hard nipples tightened and pressed against the thin cotton dress she still wore. She flashed back to the morning she'd ‘caught’ Tom in her backyard, mind replaying the scene on her closed lids. His soft whisper broke her reverie and she brought her head forward.

“What did you say?” She asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Pretend I’m outside your window watching you.”

“Do I know you’re there?”

“Yes. But I don’t know that.”

A deep sigh rolled up from inside her and escaped between her parted ruby lips. The look of sexual hunger glazed her eyes and she rose from the mattress.

Tom watched intently as she stood and turned her back to him. She hooked her fingers under the straps of the dress and let it slide down her body, pooling around her ankles. The strip of cotton panties narrowed and disappeared between her round cheeks.

Looking over her shoulder, she stepped out of the pile her dress had become and crooked her fingers into the thin waistband of her thongs. Turning to the side, she slid them down over her shapely hips and bent forward slowly as she pushed the wet panties to her ankles. The curve of her bottom was accentuated by the stretch of her thighs.

She stood slowly and let Tom see her profile. The heat of his stare caressed her body and she felt it spread between her legs. Without turning to look at him, she sensed that he was pleased.

Tabitha walked slowly to the head of the bed and opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand. All he could see was her profile as she bent forward. This was enough for him, as his resting cock began to fill with blood and swell, from the sight of her silhouette.

He scanned the curve of her breasts as she lingered, bent forward, searching for whatever was in the drawer. He caressed her nipples with his eyes and trailed his focus down her torso to the bend of her hips. His eyes followed the shapely curve of her cheeks to the slightly stretched muscles lining the back of her thighs. He shifted in the chair and choked back a groan.

A smile flashed across her face as his unintended encouragement traveled the space between them. She hid her grin, to keep the façade alive. Whispering softly, but loud enough for Tom to hear, “Ah, here it is.”

She straightened her back and pulled out a purple velvet sack with yellow drawstrings. Holding it to her chest, she moaned and rubbed the soft handbag in the deep valley between her breasts.

Turning slowly on her heels, she backed into the mattress, and fell across the bulky bedspread. Her feet dangled off the edge of the bed as she pulled the drawstrings open on the velvet sack. Tom leaned forward to get a better look, as his hardening shaft pressed against his stomach.

Tabitha saw the movement and rolled away from his view. With her back facing him, she pulled the pearl-blue vibrator out of the bag. A devilish grin curled her lips as she laid it on the mattress beside her hip and rolled onto her back.

She trailed the nails of her good hand up her side, dancing along her ribcage and teasing the underside of her breasts. The scraping of her nails sent gooseflesh up her spine, hardening and tightening her nipples. With practiced skill, she teased herself and purposefully avoided direct contact with the buds.

Pulling her knees up in the air, she scraped her nails along the curve of her calf to the back of her right knee. She pressed her thighs against her chest, flattening the mounds. Her fingers danced back up her shins and she straightened her knees, holding them up in the air.

Spreading her legs, they formed a curvaceous 'V' suspended above her torso. She trailed the fingers of her good hand up and down her inner thighs. As she performed, she saw Tom straining to see better. So far, all he'd been able to see was her profile and an all too brief glimpse of her lightly furred sex.

She brought her thighs together again and let her fingers trail up the convergence between her thighs. Lowering her legs slowly, she continued to trace the contours of her leg, then across her hip with her painted nails. Leaving momentary red contrails in their wake as the scratching of her nails ignited the passion within.

Tom wanted desperately to get up from the chair, but didn't want to ruin the show. He had played the scenario over in his mind a thousand times since that first morning, never once imagining she'd be so willing to fulfill his request. Now here he was, watching Tabitha do for him, that which he'd only dreamt of. Knowing so very little about each other didn't seem to matter; what was important was their connection and similar needs.

Tabitha heard a muffled groan from the corner of the bedroom and smiled inwardly. She had him and she knew it. Rolling on her side, she faced him, but stared at the mirror on the wall beside him instead. The reflection of her naked form looking back at her convinced her that she'd ensnared herself along with Tom. The flush of her skin revealed the passion and hunger she'd held in check for too long.

The position of the mirror provided the perfect angle to watch herself. She wondered why she hadn't noticed it before. Perhaps, the sexual frustration of the last few years had dulled her senses and she was just now becoming aware of her sexuality again.

Tom watched her as she stared at herself in the large wall mirror. He saw the smile slowly appear, followed by the sudden shift in position. The flash of her sparsely furred sex caught his attention and he leaned forward, hoping to catch more than a glimpse.

Tabitha refocused on the mirror as she shimmied her hips into position. The narrow strip of dark hair pointed downward to her ravenous center. In her peripheral vision, she could see Tom shifting and craning his neck to see more. She felt sorry for him, but not enough to give him a full view. Not yet.

Bringing her knees up in the air, she planted her heels onto the mattress. The fingers of her good hand trailed up her thighs and curled in behind the knees. Pulling back, she watched herself in the mirror, as her labia flowered open. Her wetness seeped out and trickled down to her anus.

Tabitha held her head steady as she slowly trailed her hand down the back of her thighs and cupped her right cheek. She caressed the fleshy mound and pulled it aside, opening herself further. The cool air interacted with the moisture of her sex and she shuddered at the small sensation. She wasn't just teasing Tom; she was tormenting herself with the slowness of her actions. Her fingers were so close to her impassioned core she could feel the heat radiating from deep within.

Tom had watched women in the dark and never once had he been lucky enough to actually witness a woman giving herself such loving treatment. His hand had found its way to his hard member and the fist gripped it tightly. The slow strokes eased some of the tension, but added a new level of need.

She rolled her head back into the soft cushions and turned her head toward him. His eyes locked on her hips as his white-knuckled fist wrapped around his cock. The long sensual strokes of his hand took her back to that first morning. She began to salivate, and could still taste his seed, heavy on her tongue.

Tabitha slid her hand off her cheek and pushed herself up. She went back to the 'game' and scooted off the foot of the bed. Unhurried, she walked to the corner of the bed and set facing Tom with her good hand on the mattress between her thighs, covering her wanton sex. The pearl-blue vibrator cradled in her palm, rested against her engorged labia and she sighed as the cool plastic parted her lips.

Closing her eyes, she turned the base and the tiny motor buzzed to life. The hum of the vibrator filled the bedroom and Tom stopped stroking his shaft. His eyes shot to the shiny plastic toy as it purred in her delicate hand.

He watched as she traced the vibrating tip from her chin down to the hollow of her neck. She followed the curve of her neckline with the pulsating toy around to massage her shoulder muscles. Her mouth gaped open as she breathed heavily from the tickling tease of the vibrator.

Tom's eyes locked on the plastic plaything as it teased and titillated her silky flesh. He dared not blink and risk missing a moment of her performance.

She opened her eyes and rolled her head forward. She looked down at the swell of her breasts peaked with the dark aureoles. She salivated as she longed to suck and nibble on the sensitive buds. Instead of lamenting her inability to perform such an act, she outlined her breasts with the humming toy, causing the nipples to tighten further.

Her juice seeped out between her compressed thighs, wetting her dark flower with the creamy sauce. She wanted to throw her legs apart and aim the buzzing object at her sensitive clit. The hunger for direct stimulation was nearly overwhelming, but she focused her attention on the performance.

With ever tightening circles, she spiraled the vibrator around her right breast. Each revolution brought the tip closer to her hungry button. Her focus intensified as she teased herself more than she thought possible. Her jaw slackened and she breathed slowly and deeply as the purring toy drew ever closer to the target.

As the vibrator touched the dark ring of division between fleshy breast and taut nipple, she gasped and rolled it across the sensitive bud. Her back arched as the delayed sensation of the toy made direct contact with her tight aureole. It wasn't an entirely new sensation, but heightened by the knowledge of his eyes on her.

She shifted the vibrator to her left breast and teased it in a similar fashion. With her sore left hand, she cupped her right breast and gritted her teeth as she rolled the engorged nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Almost painfully, she tweaked the nipple and pulled it, wrenching an animalistic groan from deep within.

As the vibrator made contact with her left nipple, she pinched the right again and threw her head back, moaning loudly. The game of being the dutiful wife had grown wearisome and she needed this release, if for no other reason, to prove to herself that she was still an attractive and desirable woman.

Tom had reclaimed his drooling shaft and absentmindedly stroked the hard member in his clenched fist. He sensed a change in her. She seemed to let herself succumb to the passion. The scent of her sex wafted to his nose and he breathed deeply of her perfume.

He watched enrapt, as her thighs parted while she arched her back. The glistening of her inner thighs revealed the wetness that seeped out of her center. The puffy lips parted slightly, as if pouting and begging for attention. He wanted to bury his tongue in the safety of her folds. Again, he struggled with his resolve and forced himself to remain in the chair.

Tom sighed and milked his cock. He looked down as a bead of pre-cum formed at the tip and rolled down the tiny valley toward his glans. Rubbing his thumb across the globule, he spread it over the swollen head and teased his shaft to harder dimensions. He gripped his shaft tighter and tried to slow the speed of his strokes as climax neared.

He raised his head and looked at Tabitha. She was drawing invisible lines on her stomach with the vibrator. Weaving it from side to side, as she slowly lowered the toy with each pass. Her free hand was still cupping her breast and tweaking the distended nipple.

As she trailed the humming toy across her hips, she spread her thighs and looked up at Tom. She saw the tight grip he had on his cock. The head was bright purple and his knuckles were white from his firm clutch.

Their eyes locked and she squinted as she twisted her nipple and traced a line along her inner thighs with the vibrator. The pulsing of the dildo made her shudder at the closeness of the toy to her hungry sex. The craving for release was becoming more of a struggle with each passing moment.

When she had masturbated alone, truly alone, she never took this much time building up her desire. She'd always Jilled-off quickly, when the sexual frustration became too much to ignore. To spend the time luxuriating in the throes of desire was a luxury she never afforded herself. With Tom watching, however, she felt she owed it to him and herself.

Tabitha heard another choked groan and lowered her head, letting the long hair cover her face and the broad smile on her lips. The time had come to shed the last vestiges of her inhibitions. With a heavy ragged sigh, she fell back into the soft mattress and brought her knees up, resting her heels on the edge of the bed.

She dropped the buzzing toy beside her right hip and slid her fingers down her pubic mound, through the narrow strip of fuzz. Her fingers splayed out and framed her glistening puffy lips. Pressing her palm against the soft bulge of her pubis, she spread her labia open.

Her rosebud and moist sex revealed to his vision for the first time, causing him to sigh audibly. Tabitha moaned in response to his obvious pleasure in seeing her this intimately.

She slid her fingers along the edge of her open pussy and found the bead of moisture. Dragging her fingers across the sweet honey, she trailed the moistened fingertip to her lips and flicked her tongue across the glistening digit.

Tom's eyes were transfixed on her sex and her display of passion. He had released his cock and was gripping the arms of the chair tightly. His mouth was gaping and he had an intense look of hunger on his face. The hard shaft between his thighs twitched and bobbed in time with his rapid heartbeat. A steady stream of clear pre-cum flowed from the tip, wetting the head and glans.

Tabitha grabbed the vibrator and traced the buzzing tip around her exposed lips. The tapered end barely touching her outer lips, sending shivers down her spine. Her knees quivered and she gasped softly. Her hips humped up and down, trying to capture the toy in her clutching quim.

He watched her thrust her hips in slow strokes, teasing herself with the vibrator. Tom's eyes painted her body, reveling in the exhibitionistic presentation of her sexuality.

He stared into her pussy as she drove her hips repeatedly up and down. His thick tongue snaked out and licked his lips hungrily. He wanted to taste her sticky sweetness, but summoned enough resolve to resist.

She looked across the room, and through the haze of desire saw him squirming in his seat, struggling to remain in position. Adding fuel to his fire, she trailed the tip of the humming toy around her engorged clit. Her head rolled back as she moaned loudly and dragged it across the sensitive knot.

Directing the point of the toy at the most sensitive part of her clit, she held it steady as her body began to shake. Her moans grew louder and more urgent. She was surprised at the quickness of the approaching climax and clamped her eyes shut trying to will the orgasm to slow.

Again, he was fighting the urge to dive in between her raised thighs. He longed to taste her womanly juices as they flowed out of her quivering sex. At the same time, he needed to watch the orgasm that was threatening to overtake her body.

She rubbed the toy, hard against her inflamed clit and shot her head up, looking down her body to Tom. Their eyes locked again and she panted rapidly, her mouth moving but no sound escaping. Tom reached for his shaft and curled his fist around the swollen member.

Watching him grip his cock sent her over the edge of sanity. She slid the vibrator deep into her clenching pussy as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. Her head fell back into the cushions and rolled from side to side, as she groaned primitively.
Tom watched her body buck in the throes of climax. Her thighs quavered and waved limply as all focus was on her clutching center. The bedspread under her rotating hips had become drenched with her release. He could smell her sex and inhaled deeply, getting high on her scent.

Slowly, the waves crashing through her began to subside. She pulled the buzzing toy out of her wet, quivering sex and sucked it into her mouth. The taste of her own cum wrenched another groan from deep in her throat. She turned the base, silencing the motor, and licked the fake cock clean, her eyes locked on Tom.

He sank back into the cushions and sighed. She had just fulfilled one of his fantasies and it was better than he'd imagined. The lusty gleam in her eyes was still there, but had lessened slightly. She lowered the vibrator to the mattress and pushed herself up, setting on the edge of the king-sized bed.

"Would you like some coffee? I make a mean pot of Joe."

He forced a smile and looked down at his drooling cock. "You might need to ask him."

She chuckled and said, "Waiting is good. It builds character."




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