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The Coffee Series

Coffee by Jude Mason: Her eyes flew open, coffee forgotten. Her lips pursed in the act of blowing. He was naked and on his knees (Voyeur and mast).
Coffee Too by D. Musgrave: 'The cool morning breeze raised goose bumps on his back. It didn't help that he was bare-ass naked.'  (mast, anal).
Coffee Again by Jude Mason: Tabitha and Tom meet, but not as expected. She's been unable to think of anything but his show and wants more. (Oral)
Coffee Still by D. Musgrave: As reward for Tom's help and an outlet from an unhappy sexual life, she surprises them both with a show of her own. (mast)
Hot Coffee by Jude Mason: Tabitha knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying the heated play more than she cared to admit.


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