Hot Coffee

By Jude Mason



Hot Coffee
Jude Mason

"Follow me big guy," she said pulling herself up off the bed. Her knees trembled as she sauntered past Tom and he groaned but rose to follow her. His aching, straining cock danced before him as he trailed along behind.

"You're quite a tease, woman," he growled, eyes straying down her back and over the smooth round shape of her bottom, the cleft drawing him like a magnet.

"I believe you're the one who started the tease, remember?" Tabitha said over her shoulder, his frustration quite evidently mounting. Although she'd just climaxed she was as hot as when she'd begun. Her pussy felt swollen and heavy as she entered the kitchen, Tom inches behind her.

"Yes, I remember," he whispered and reached for her. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her against his sweat slick belly. The tip of his erection tapped against her bottom then slid easily between her soft damp thighs. She trembled in his arms. He bent and kissed the nape of her neck, groaning when she clamped her thighs more tightly around his cock.

"How's your wrist?" He asked trying to think of something besides plunging into her.

"Feels much better, thank you." And to show him, she reached down and using that hand, gripped him. His tactics hadn't worked, but he was long past caring as she worked the skin up and down his shaft. The heel of her hand pressed against the aching crown each time she pumped him and he shuddered, almost losing control.

"You better stop that or we'll have a mess to clean up. I'd rather have that inside you." Circled her waist with both arms, he reached down to aid her hand at their almost joining. Her softly furred sex was still wet from her earlier show and his fingers followed the same path hers had. Her clit met his index finger and he stroked it gently.

"We both better stop or I'm going to fall over." Her soft chuckle was mixed with passion. Pulling away, she gave her bottom one last wriggle against him before moving into the kitchen.

Tom perched on the table; knees splayed wide and watched her slowly move about the room. Coffee pot filled at the sink, she'd leant over just a bit more than needed. Her ass faced him, enticing him to take her. Gritting his teeth, he fought that temptation and heard her soft chuckle as she continued the preparation. Every chance she had to display herself she did and he admired her all the while fighting to remain sat.

At one point, she brushed past him to get more coffee grounds from the fridge at his side. Her thigh touched his knee; it was if a spark jumped between them and he gasped. His hand unconsciously wrapped around his cock and squeezed it. The small touch had almost been enough to make him lose his silent battle for control.

Tabitha knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying the heated play more than she cared to admit. It had been too long since her husband had paid any attention to her and she lapped this up like she was starving. She could see desire on Tom's face every time she glanced at him. His erection looked painful but he followed her wishes, as best as he could.

With the coffee started, she decided to continue the tease and see how far she could push him. Clean cups from the cupboard beside the sink, she stretched luxuriously and arched her back. Her breast swayed high on her chest and the nipples hardened, sending shivers of pleasure through her. Every so often, she heard him groaning softly or inhaling at some sexy pose she took up for him.

When she leaned over to find more sugar from the corner cupboard, she wasn't disappointed to first hear, then feel him. Hands on her hips, gripping tightly, pulled her back. She spread her feet slightly just as his lips touched her right buttock in a soft kiss.

She reached for the counter, needing its support as her heart raced. Knelt behind her as he was, he had perfect access to her and he used it to the fullest. He kissed her then she felt his teeth, biting gently from one cheek to the other. Lips and tongue trailed hot lines of desire on her heated flesh. With the flat of his tongue, he lapped at her pussy, taking in the juices she'd stirred so well just minutes ago. His grip shifted slightly then tightened, pulling her wide for his pleasure. With a long lingering motion, he licked from her spread labia upward and over her tightly puckered anus.

"Oh God," she breathed and couldn't control the tremors that took hold of her. He repeated the move and she whimpered. With the tip of his tongue, he circled her anus, at first delicately, but soon with a hunger that both surprised and delighter her. Her heart hammered in her chest and she couldn't catch her breath.

Glancing back, she saw his erection, the mushroom shaped head shiny with pre cum, throbbed between his thighs. She ached to touch him, to take him inside her, but his tongue had her enthralled. His fingers slid from her haunches and soon one found her open sex. The other appeared at his groin and he masturbated slowly, tight fisted in an attempt to hold off for as long as he could.

Tabitha knew he wouldn't be able to keep from cumming for long and wanted to feel him deep inside her. She was close herself to that pinnacle of pleasure he seemed able to take her to in so many ways. Gooseflesh travelled up her arms and neck, and her nipples ached for some attention.

"Please," she sobbed, needing to touch him more now than she wanted his mouth on her. He pulled away, his face slick with saliva and her cream. The smile he gave her was wicked and she reached back for him. "I need your cock in me, oh God, fuck me."

"Thought you'd never ask," he teased, but was on his feet in an instant. His erection, still in hand, slid up her thigh leaving a clear sticky trail of his pre cum. He pressed the rubbery head against her cleft and leaned into her. At first, she wasn't sure where he'd aim, but as he slipped into her, she sighed and felt a gush of pleasure trickling down her thigh. Clenching tight around his pulsing shaft she soared higher.

In one smooth stroke, he filled her cunt. The satin smooth muscles welcomed him and gripped him tightly as she pushed her bottom back against his belly. Reaching beneath herself, she cupped his balls and felt him shiver. His hands found her breasts, the nipples pressed against his palms and rubbed as they began their lustful dance.

Slowly, he pumped into her. Each stroke brought them both ever closer to blissful mindlessness. Guttural moans filled the kitchen as they worked against each other, harder and harder, the slapping of flesh on flesh growing loud. His balls pulled in close and she rubbed the flat of her hand over them. Just knowing he was going to fill her, made her hot. She could feel his cock pulsing with need as it swelled.

Gasping, growling together in their private language of lust, they careened towards climax. He pinched her nipples and she exploded. Her cunt clenched around him and he gasped, hot sperm erupting from deep in his aching balls. Each time he slammed into her, she mashed her fingertips just behind his balls and he convulsed, sending more spunk deep into her.

Her legs gave out and if Tom hadn't been holding her, she'd have fallen to the floor. He wrapped his arms tightly around her middle and held on, still pulsing deep within her cunt. His lips on her back, one hand cupping her sex were her first coherent thoughts when she regained her senses. He held her and she sighed, content to be in his strong arms.

Somewhere in the room, the coffee pot finished its cycle and gurgle to a stop. The bitter scent of fresh brew filled the air, mingling with the aroma of sex. Gasping for breath, Tabitha twisted her head so she could gaze at him and asked, "Coffee's ready, you want to sit down or are we going to try drinking it like this?"




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