Coffee Again

By Jude Mason



Coffee Again
Jude Mason

For days after, it was all Tabitha could think about. Tom, naked outside her window while she was getting her morning coffee. His uncommon grace and ease when he masturbated captivated her. The roadrunner tattoo had become her favourite fantasy image; each time she closed her eyes she returned to those few moments.

Philip would never have understood. So she'd made up a lame explanation about watching two robins scrapping under the hedge. Without another word, he'd taken his coffee and the morning paper into the dining room. There he sat reading while she prepared his breakfast, silently. They didn't talk anymore, he read and she did her chores around him. Then he went off to the office where he remained until late evening. When he got home he ate while reading and then went to bed, never saying a word. How their lives had changed, how dissatisfied she'd become. She'd tried to interest him in different things and been ignored. Finally she gave up and began looking for things that interested her without him. And then Tom appeared in the neighbourhood.

While she walked, her arms full of shopping bags, her thoughts returned to him. Naked, skin gleaming in the early morning sun and that tattoo she wanted so much to see again. The store windows held no interest for her and she walked blindly past them heading home.

She turned the corner onto her street still lost in thought. The sudden collision sent her sprawling. Her bags went flying and she lay dumbstruck as Tom began sputtering apologies. He quickly squatted down beside her to see if she was all right.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry. Are you hurt? Did you hurt yourself? Take it easy, is your back okay?" He began running his hands over her, checking for injuries while he babbled on about how sorry he was. Regaining a small semblance of focus, she noticed that her skirt had bunched up around the top of her thighs. The tops of her stockings were clearly visible to him, or anyone who happened by and looked.

"Ah! My wrist, oh damn," she muttered, her mind racing.

"Just lay still, let me check you," he said sternly. He slid his hands carefully down her body and then down each leg. Finally, his attention came to rest on the swelling of her right wrist. "Is anything else sore? I can't find anything but I'm not a doctor."

"No, I don't think so. I'm fine honestly, just my wrist and it hurts like a son-of-a-B. I landed on it I think." Tabitha explained.

"Okay, let me help you upeasy now," he said. He moved around so he could put his arm around her and helped her sit up.

Tabitha watched him try not to stare at the tops of her stockings, her thighs. She also saw the lump growing at his crotch. Although her wrist hurt incredibly, she realized that her opportunity had arrived. When she tried to get up, she twisted a little and spread her knees slightly. The white silk crotch of her panties peaked out at him.

"Ouch, oh damn!" Tabitha moaned. Every time she moved her wrist it was like a knife blade being twisted.

"It's okay, I'll make sure you get it seen to. I can't believe I actually ran into you like that. I'm so sorry." He gathered up her shopping, stuffing it back into the bags for her. Setting it beside her on the pavement it finally dawned on him who he'd run into.

"It wasn't all your fault, I wasn't looking where I was going either. I'm afraid I was off in some dream land or something. Just help me get up and I'll be all right," she said, trying once more to struggle to her feet. In the process she made sure her skirt rose up even higher, exposing more of her thighs. This time she made it to her feet, but then sagged against him. Her one hand tightened on his arms, her head coming to rest on his shoulders.

"Hey now, you better let me help you home. You can't live far and I'm not going anywhere." He was extremely aware of his growing erection bent uncomfortably in his slacks. Wrapping his arms around her didn't do anything to relieve it, but he wasn't about to let her go. 

Tabitha was back remembering him naked, almost afraid to let him see her face. She was flushed and her panties felt suddenly wet with her growing excitement. There was also the bulge nudging her thigh and as innocently as she could, she rubbed against it.

"Are you sure, I mean you weren't on your way to work or to meet your lady or anything were you?" she fished. He smelled so good, clean with just a hint of sweat from the heat.

"No, no lady friend, and I'm not back to work yet. I just transferred here and don't start for another few days. So you see, I have nothing to do but rescue you and make sure you get home safe and sound. If that's all right I mean?" A smile tugged at his mouth and he silently prayed she'd say it was.

"Yes it's all right, at the moment I don't think I'd be able to let you go. My knees feel kinda shaky." Tabitha really was feeling much better, but she wanted to hold on for awhile longer yet.

"You don't have to let go, just let me grab your bag and we'll be off," he said. Leaning down he tried to discreetly realign his growing erection then took hold of her shopping bag.

With one arm around Tabitha and the other full of groceries, he was uncomfortably aware of his tented slacks. Hoping she wouldn't notice, they began to walk. Each step was a small agony, as his prick lay bent and rubbed along his thigh. Thankfully it was a short walk and after a couple of blocks they turned in to her yard.

As they stood at her doorway she fumbled with the keys and he once more came to her rescue. Her wrist had swelled so that manipulating the keys was more than she could manage.

"Here, let me," he offered, taking them from her and opening the door. Passing them back he waited, hoping she'd invite him in.

"You can't leave now, I mean come in," she chuckled at her clumsy offer and stepped inside. He, of course followed eagerly, her bag in his arms. She tossed her keys onto the bookcase and headed for the kitchen and some ice. His soft footsteps followed so close behind that when she stopped to turn on the coffee he bumped into her. His manhood stiffened even more as it rubbed against her behind and she pressed back.

"You're going to have to stop bumping into me," she chuckled again at his quick blush. "Just put the bag on the table there. You're going to have to give me a hand to put ice on this wrist, I could do it alone but it's easier if you help," she said opening the freezer and pulling an ice tray out, "and you haven't told me your name yet, I'm Tabitha by the way." One handed she found a bag, then held it out for him to hold while she dumped the ice into it.

"I'm Tom, Tom Jackson. I'm about as clumsy as they come around you aren't I?" he said, while taking the ice tray and releasing the cubes into the bag. He dropped the tray into the sink and took the bag from her, twisting it closed. "Where's your towels? I'll get one to wrap around this so it's not so hard on your wrist."

"Second drawer down, right there," Tabitha nodded towards the row of drawers by the sink. He opened it, grabbed the top towel and wrapped the ice bag as she moved to the kitchen table and sat facing him. His crotch was at eye level and only a few steps away. She could feel her pussy dripping as her mind went back to his tattoo. How he'd stroked himself and how he'd sprayed his juices all over her hedge.

"How does your wrist feel now, any different? Better, worse, the same?" he asked taking those few steps toward her. Now he was inches away and she wanted him desperately.

"It's sore, but no worse," Tabitha replied. Then before she knew what was coming, said, "I saw you." She was shocked at her bluntness, but glad it was said. She raised her eyes slowly, letting them wander up his torso then finally to his face.

He'd stopped when she said it, unsure of what she was going to do. When he saw her face, the wanting there, he smiled softly and said, "Yes I'd hoped you were there, watching me. I also hope you're not angry with me for doing it." He took her hand gently, put the ice pack on the table, and then laid her wrist onto it.

"No, not angry, I was shocked butdamn! It turned me on and it's all I've been able to think about since." She flushed at her admission, but kept going, "your tattoo, the roadrunner, I've been dreaming about it. Lord I can't believe I'm saying this to you, almost a total stranger."

"Not exactly a total stranger Tabitha," he said softly squatting down in front of her, wincing as his erection was again bent at an uncomfortable angle. "I felt like I knew you the first time I saw you. Almost as if we'd been together somewhere, somehow before."

With her good hand she slid her fingertips over his cheek and across his lips. He kissed them, then took them between his teeth and bit softly. Tabitha gasped, then he sucked them in, twirling his tongue around them. Her nipples tensed and she wanted him to take her, right there.

"Please " She moaned, not sure what she was asking, but wanting him. Their eyes locked and he knew. He released her fingers and stood before her.

"I want you Tabitha, but I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure it's all right?"

"Yes, yes please. I want you too Tom, you have no idea how much," her voice quavered. One handed she reached for his belt and tugged at it, trying to unfasten it. He let her struggle with it, then the button and zipper, feeling his heart race. "Help me damn it," she tugged futilely, trying to free him. He gripped her hand, stopping her for a moment and gazed into her eyes.

"Watch," was all he said and smiled down at her. He stepped back and stripped for her. Slowly, beginning with his shirt, baring inches of skin at a time then tossing it on the floor. Caressing his chest, he winked at her as he pinched his tiny erect nipples. Then he slid his palms down over his stomach, slowly, seductively, making her wish they were her hands.

"Tabitha, sit back baby and spread your legs for me. Please," he asked. She scooted forward in her chair and after pulling her skirt higher, spread her legs. Her panties were soaked and her musky scent permeated the air around them. Tom kicked off his shoes then tugged his socks off, tossing them towards his shirt. He turned his back on her, mischievously looking over his shoulder at her lust filled gaze. Then with trembling fingers eased into his waistband, he slowly pushed his slacks down. His bottom faced her, and as he bent he pushed his slacks lower, offering her a close up view of what she'd be fantasizing. His tattoo appeared, and she ached to touch it, touch him. His firm butt cheeks tensed then relaxed as she groaned with that ache.

"Take them off Tom, I need to see you naked again. I need to touch you," she blurted. She'd clenched her fist and pressed it against the sodden, almost transparent crotch of her panties, trying to relieve some of the ache. But it built again, this time faster and her juices trickled between her cheeks.

"I know you do, and so do I. Patience baby, you'll get what you want," he growled. Making a performance of it, he slid his hands up the backs of his legs as he rose. His underwear was tight and almost thin enough to see through, but not quite. Slipping his fingers into the leg openings he tugged the cotton upward exposing his cheeks, then wriggled, teasing her and himself.

"Damn you Tom, I'm ready to scream and you haven't even touched me yet," she moaned. He stood up then turned to face her, and watched her squirm out of her panties. She held them towards him and with a smile, he took them and pressed them against face and inhaled deeply.

"Oh God you smell good. Good enough to eat. Stand up for a second, no better yet where's your bed? I want you on a bed." He reached for her hand and pulled her up. "This is crazy isn't it?" he groaned then wrapped her in his arms. Willingly she moulded herself against him, feeling the throbbing heat of him through her clothing. His erection flattened against her and seemed to burn through the thin cotton dress. She slid her hands slid around him but whimpered when her wrist rubbed against his hip, pulling away.

"You're going to have to help me. Either bandage this thing or something, it really is sore." She hated to halt their play but knew it would be worse if she let it go.

"Of course, God I'm thick, where's your bandage stuff, first aid kit or whatever?" He hadn't released her and she felt her heat rising along with his. Both of his hands were on her butt, pulling her against him.

"You're going to have to let me go for just a minute. It's in the bathroom," she sighed, not wanting him to let go at all. Raising her arms she wrapped them around his neck and pulled herself onto her toes. Softly she touched her lips to his, but as their hunger grew the kiss deepened, tongues flicked out and tasted. Again she bumped her wrist and jerked at the sharp pain. 

"It's no use, you're going to have to bandage it for me. Just wait a second, I'll be right back," she whispered. With a last parting tease of a wriggle, she twisted away then went for the first aid kit. Tom watched her round ass retreat then disappeared around the corner.

Moments later he heard her close a cabinet door then she was heading back towards him. He perched his butt on the edge of the table, posing. But she was one step ahead of him and when she turned the corner, he groaned. She'd stripped, and as she got closer he saw her nipples tighten. He couldn't take his eyes off her. The soft round breasts topped with large, erect buds of desire swayed gently as she approached. The curve of her waist and the gentle swell of her belly had him hypnotized. He could feel the pre cum leaking from the head of his cock as erotic thoughts filled his mind. Her nearly naked joining, its soft fur she'd neatly trimmed on a whim this very morning. Shapely, long legs finally brought her to stand before him, where she stood waiting for him to look at her face. When he finally did she was grinning, as was he.

"I guess I'm not the only one that can tease huh?" he said. It was then that he noticed her outstretched hand, bandage and tape held for him.

"Right," he chuckled and took it from her, then waited for her to sit down. Her wrist was no worse but the swelling was painful when she moved it. So carefully and with some skill, he wrapped it as she laid it across his thigh. "Let me know if it's too tight or anything, okay?" he said as he taped the end of the elastic bandage.

"It feels good, and so do you," Tabitha said, her fingers traced a hot line up his thigh. He was still perched on the edge of the table. His shorts were on, but his erection hadn't faded in the least. He dropped the tape on the table then spreading his feet and reached for her. Dodging his hand she said sternly, "Don't touch, not yet. It's my turn to tease."

Growling softly, Tom placed his hands on the table beside his butt and tried to hold still. She continued to slide her fingers along his outer thigh from his knee upwards, then along the tight material of his shorts and over his hip. The muscles quivered under her slow trailing fingers and she scratched him. Not hard enough to hurt, just enough to leave lines across his clenched cheek.

"Hey!" he gasped, but she saw his erection jump. Before he could say another word she slid the palm of her hand over it and gave his shaft a squeeze. Gripping him firmly she rubbed him, up and down soothing his small hurt. When he began to thrust himself into her hand, she let go.

Looking up at him, as innocently as she could, she asked, "would you like to take these off or do you plan on keeping them on?"

"Off, damn you're driving me crazy," he mumbled, tugging the offending piece of cotton down then tossed them onto his small pile of clothes. Before he straightened up again he kissed her, hungrily, thoroughly taking her breath away. When he pulled away, they were both gasping, desire written all over their faces.

"Yeah I know, that's my plan," she managed to say. He straightened up and his erection almost touched her face. Tabitha licked her lips and then the tip of his cock without touching him anywhere else. Like a cat licking cream, she savoured the taste of pre cum as it coated her tongue. The plump head jerked each time she touched it, and she lapped further along the shaft. Her teeth touched him and her mouth opened wide, engulfing the crown.

He gripped the edge of the table, to keep from interfering with her, but was close to losing it. When his cock touched the inside of her mouth his hips jerked and he groaned loudly. Slowly she took more in, sucking and twirling her tongue around him. It was all he could do not to thrust himself into her sweetly torturous mouth. Even so, when she began to move up and down, his hips began that age old rhythm. She varied her technique and he trembled. First deep inside, then nibbled, she dragged him towards exploding, but wouldn't let him get there. Only her mouth touched him for the longest time. Then she cradled his testicles in her good hand. He pulsed in her mouth, dangerously close to bathing her tonsils with his cream. He tried to pull away, to stop her deliciously sweet mouth from making him cum but she held on. Hands on her shoulders, his fingers tightened as the sperm churned and began its climb.

"Please, oh fuck you're gonna get a mouthful if you don't stop. Ah, sweet Jesus, don't stop" His hips and thighs tensed, the muscles quivered as his need took hold. Her long fingers wrapped around his sack, jiggling his balls then explored further behind. His cock expanded in her mouth and she knew his climax was imminent and she sucked hard. Her fingers found his crinkled brown star and pressed against it. With a deep growl, he erupted. Her mouth was immediately awash with his thick cream. Swallowing convulsively, she was ready for the next when it came, and moaned with appreciation when it did. Each time he spewed another glob of cum she pressed the ball of her fingers against his anus. By the time he was done, he could barely stay on his feet. He sagged back, hands resting on the table while she made sure she'd taken it all.

Looking up, she released him and said, "Looks like I teased you a bit too much huh?"

He gazed down at her lust filled face and still trying to catch his breath, replied, "Yeah, for the first round, but give me about fifteen minutes and I'll be ready for round two. That should be enough time to get you climbing the walls."

A smile brightened her face as she replied,  " I was hoping you'd say that."



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