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Blood Creek Haunting



Blood Creek Haunting
D. Musgrave


Her scream echoed through the valley.  Emily hit the kill switch on the tiller as fast as she could.  The tines slowed to a stop, but not before more bones were dug up by the plow.  She jumped to the side, trying not to step on the skull that had rolled out on top of the ridge of dirt.  At first, she didn't believe her eyes when she saw the first long white bone.  When she saw another, then another, she knew something wasn't right.  But it wasn't until she saw the human skull pop up out of the soil that she believed it was anything more than a dead animal.

All she could do was look at the skull, staring back up at her.  There was a large hole in the forehead that looked as if something sharp and hard had stabbed through the head.  Dirt was packed into the eye sockets and worms oozed out of the holes in the cheeks.  It looked as if it were smiling at her, but that couldn't be.  There was no skin or hair left on it.  She reached out with the toe of her boot and flipped the skull over.  The back was caved in and it looked as if something hard had bashed in the back of the head.  Suddenly, she felt cold, even in the blazing summer sun.  She rubbed her arms, but still she shivered.

Crouching down, she reached out to touch the skull.  When her fingertips made contact with the cold bone, a loud rolling yell rang in her ears.  Snatching her arm back, she fell on her backside and thought she saw the skull move.  She reached out again and touched the skull.  This time there was no sound.

Shaking her head, Emily climbed to her feet.  She told herself that she was being stupid.  Just because all the locals believed that the ghosts of the Cherokee warriors who died in the Blood Creek Massacre haunted her land, didn't make the stories true.  It was just ghost stories.  No superstitious story was going scare her off the land her family had owned for generations.



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