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You all have seen me at one time or another. I was that kid in the back of the classroom, staring out the window. They called it daydreaming back in my time, now they would probably diagnose me as having ADD. The truth? Even then I was working. I grew up being told more often than not that daydreaming was a waste of time.

What a crock that turned out to be. Those wild, fanciful dreams were to one day become the fodder for the erotic tales that now flow onto the pages of my stories. If anyone is interested in sampling those daydreams that became stories.

Since then, I've written in a wide variety of genres, but the 'other' works had no audience, until I connected to the Internet and a whole new world of possibilities for my writing unfolded. Many struggles and much effort later, I discovered that I indeed could write and, most surprisingly, people wanted to read the words that spilled out of my mind. Since that discovery, I've been lucky enough to become an author of many novels, novellas, and short stories. I write in a wide variety of genres, but for me it's more about the story and the people than the genre. I look forward to meeting everyone and spending some time getting to know fellow authors and readers.

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