By D. Musgrave




Chapter Two
D. Musgrave

Dakota was the first to wake from their long slumber. Betsy's tousled hair partially covered her face, her head resting on his bare chest. The rest of her hair cascaded across his upper body.

In the semi-darkness of the cavern, Dakota looked around to find the horses sleeping at the opening. He was struck with the need to relieve himself, but didn't want to wake Betsy. As he lay under her, pondering how he could get up without disturbing her, she groaned and shifted. Her head slipped off him and dropped to the makeshift pillow beside him. Dakota silently rolled away from her and got to his feet. Unsteady from the infection he managed to make his way out of the cave without disturbing Betsy.

Dakota left the safety of the grotto, and stepped into twilight, bathed in the waning light of the day as night rapidly approached. The air was still hot from the day but was cooling, and he enjoyed the clean air ascending the side of the mountain. As the pressure left his body, he inhaled deeply, filling his lungs. 'Freedom never smelled so good,' he thought to himself.

He raised his arms above his head, stretching his sore muscles. The tightness caused him to wince as the wound stretched open. Dakota pulled the bandages away to look at his side. It was tender to the touch, but the angry red streaks of infection were gone. The blood had stopped trickling out; the sulfur had helped to seal the wound.

A light flickered in the distance and caught his attention. Standing naked, vulnerable to attack, Dakota watched intently as the darkness increased, and the glow got brighter.


The second posse had camp next to a grove of trees. Darkness was fast approaching and they didn't want to get trapped on the mountainside where the footing was unsure, at best.

Billy Slade had been out of town when his older brothers had gone in pursuit of the half-breed. Much like his elder siblings, David had an abiding hatred for Indians, especially those born to white women. He thought it was spoiling the purity of the white man's race.

From his perspective, he could just make out the face of the butte in the twilight. The craggy rocks hid the cave that he'd heard was near the top of the rise. He'd hoped to make it to the cave before dark, but the speed of a posse is slower than the speed of a lone horseman.

Jacob Wise stepped behind Billy and asked, "Billy, ya think Carl got 'em yet?"

Billy paused and turned his head toward Jacob, "Yeah, prolly. But I wanna make sure that damned half breed's gets what's comin' to him."

Jacob stood silently looking at the strained and angry visage on Billy's face. If they found the Indian alive, it wasn't going to be pretty.


Dakota realized the light was a campfire and had a feeling it wasn't a good sign. He quickly stepped back into the cave and began getting things ready for a hasty retreat. Without waking Betsy, he managed to get dressed and saddle the horses. When he was ready, he knelt down next to the sleeping woman and pressed his lips to hers. Stirring from her deep sleep, she opened her eyes. Her first vision was of Dakota hovering over her. She smiled then noticed that Dakota looked different in the half-light of the cave.

"What's wrong? You look upset," she asked.

"There's a campfire down by the woods. I've got a feeling that something's not right."

The gravity of his statement hit her and she jumped to her feet. Before the blankets crumbled to the floor she'd found her pants and began pulling them on. Dakota stood back and grinned at her quickness and calmness. Nothing seemed to unnerve the woman and he found himself admiring her steadfast demeanor.

Betsy looked up and noticed the grin on his face, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing's funny, I'm amazed at your coolness. Most would be panicked."

She stood straight up, hands on hips, staring hard at Dakota. "What do ya mean most would? Damn you men are so insecure."

Dakota laughed and put his hands on her shoulders, "Betsy, you're not like most people. You've made that clear. Come on let's get going. I wanna put some distance between us and them."

Betsy looked at him and smiled, "Okay. I'll saddle the horses and you pack the blankets."

"The horses are ready, you go on and lead yours out and I'll be right behind ya."

Betsy felt the urge to throw her arms around Dakota. Before she could act, he wrapped her in his muscular arms and kissed her. Their tongues danced between them, caressing each other. Their passion began to rise and the kiss got more intense. His hands began to stroke their back working towards her apple shaped butt. Betsy moaned and pressed her body into his. The mounting passion would soon have them both naked, rolling around on the cave floor.

They were both shaken from their passion by the snort of a horse. Dakota broke the kiss and turned his head toward the cave entrance. "Get down," he whispered. He crouched behind the big boulder with Betsy. "You stay here and be ready to shoot if need be."

"No, I'm going with you."

"Don't be stubborn, they don't know there's two of us. You'll have the drop on 'em if they get me."

"Okay, be careful we still have more to do," Betsy reached between his thighs and gave his bulge a squeeze.

Dakota gave her a quick peck on the cheek then silently crept around the boulder at the opening. As soon as he disappeared, Betsy unholstered her revolver and slowly pulled the hammer back. No sound came from the cave opening as she waited for Dakota to return.

A few moments later she heard Dakota walk back into the grotto. "It's just a coyote. I scared him off."

Betsy stood and lowered the hammer on her revolver. "Good thing, I'd hate to miss out on a roll with ya."

He chuckled, while reaching for his clothes said, "Let's go. I wanna get outta here before the coyote comes back and spooks the horses."

Minutes later they led the horses out of the cave and up the path to the top of the butte. At the top of the mesa, they mounted and galloped away from the campfires.


Billy sat next to the fire and stared at the mesa for nearly an hour. He had a bad feeling about things, but couldn't put his finger on it. He was sure that whatever it was, the butte had something to do with it.

"Hey Billy," Jacob hollered from the horses. "Look at this."

"What is it?" he answered unnerved.

"It looks like the hoof print from Carl's horse."

"What? Where?"

"Right here," Jacob pointed to the ground in front of the horses.

Billy squatted and tried to make out the hoof-print on the darkness. "I can't see a damned thang. Jules, toss me your matches." With a lit match, Billy was able to see the tracks in the dry ground. It didn't take him long to recognize the split shoe that Carl's horse wore. "Sure enough it's Carl's horse. We're on the right trail boys." This fact eased Billy's mind and the posse bedded down for the night, completely unaware that they were sleeping on the graves of the dead men they'd come to help.


Dakota and Betsy rode north after they descended the other side of the mesa. Neither spoke a word, they just pressed on. By the time the sun had made its journey around to the other side of the planet, they were both starting to feel the results of their flight. The hunger pangs in their stomachs grew more insistent, but each was too stubborn to suggest stopping for a bite to eat.

In the distance, a grove of trees marked the forest surrounding the Delores River. As they approached, Dakota suggested they let the horses rest and drink some of the cool water. It was also a chance to grab some jerky out of their saddlebags and stem the tide of hunger.

Sitting on rocks next to the water, they ate the dried meat in silence. Betsy watched Dakota as he stared at the water flowing past. She knew he was bothered by the possibility of more white men chasing them, but he was not about to mention it. Instead, he gazed intently at the glimmering stream.

Betsy summoned the courage to speak about the posse. "Dakota, do ya think they're still on our trail?"

He sighed and looked off downstream, "I'm afraid so. I just wanna be left alone. I haven't done anything to deserve this."

His shoulders began to shake; he suddenly jumped up and walked off, away from Betsy. She started to follow, but decided to let him go. He needed time and she was going to let him have it.

Several minutes later Dakota returned; his eyes were more bloodshot than before. She knew what that meant but kept it to herself. He went to Trice and easily jumped into the saddle. "Ya ready to go?"

"Yes, do we cross here or what?"

"We need ta double back. I don't want 'em following us ta Little Pony's village."

Betsy was surprised but hid her shock by muttering, "Okay." She hopped into her saddle, turned Chestnut around, and started back up the trail.

"Hold on there Betsy, Let's follow the stream for a spell. I wanna come up behind 'em."

They rode in the middle of the stream to hide their tracks. Several minutes later Dakota led the way up the steep bank and into the cover of the forest. The humidity of the adjacent river and the heat of the sun turned the woods into a sauna and they were soaked with sweat before they got very far into the woods. The shade from the forest was blocking the sun, but it also blocked any breeze.

Dakota looked back at Betsy and saw that her clothes were clinging to her sweat soaked body. Despite the danger that loomed, he found himself wanting her. His desire increased, with the knowledge that she was dripping wet.

At a particularly dense thicket of undergrowth, Dakota pulled the reins back and waited for Betsy to pull up beside him. "Looks like we're gonna hafta go 'round this." He said pointing at the briars a few feet ahead of them.

Betsy looked at the thicket and removed her hat, wiping her forehead the bandana around her neck. "Whew I'm getting' hot."

Dakota smiled devilishly, "Me too," as he shifted in the saddle letting her see the enormous bulge in his buckskin pants.

Her eyes grew wide and she licked her lips. "You do look hot. I think we need to find some way to cool you off a bit."

He hopped off the back of Trice and quickly unsaddled the horse. Betsy watched wide-eyed as he stripped the saddle from the horse and tossed it on a fallen log. He left the blanket on the Trice's back and hopped back up on the pony. Dakota leaned over, pulled Betsy from her horse, and sat her on Trice, facing him. Automatically her legs wrapped around his waist as their lips met in a passionate kiss. The salty taste of each other's lips drove them onward. Their fingers weaved into each other's hair.

Betsy broke the kiss, pushed Dakota onto his back, and undid the tie on the front of his pants. With one pull, he was naked from the waist down, his hard cock jutting up in the air. The site of his hardness so close caused her to salivate. Somehow, she had to get that magnificent cock in her mouth.

Trice was an amazingly steady horse and the added weight of Betsy had no apparent affect on his stance. She rolled forward and placed her mouth just above his throbbing member. The scent of his body enveloped her and she nearly swooned. Her eyes flashed up to see him watching her as she sucked his inflamed head into her mouth. The overwhelming sensation caused him to buck deeply into her mouth. They moaned in unison as she took him into her hungry throat. Betsy prided herself on her ability to please a man like no other. Her mouth full of throbbing cock was near the top of her list of talents. The fact that she'd begun to have feelings for this man added to her desire to please him in the most intimate ways.

Dakota's head rolled back and he held himself up by the reins, as she expertly brought him to the edge of climax. Her tongue swirled around his sensitive cock-head with each stroke. It was as though she wanted him to cum in her mouth before he got a chance to give her what she was giving him.
Betsy knew what she was doing to him. Each time he neared the edge, she backed off slightly and held him there. She smiled internally as she manipulated his desire orally, the power was a strong aphrodisiac, and she reveled in it. The throbbing of his shaft became more insistent as she held him deep in her throat. With her nose pressed against his pubis, she inhaled his heady aroma.

Dakota wanted her more than he'd wanted any woman before in his life. Instead of being alarmed at losing control, he felt excitement at the situation. He didn't have to be in control with her. Her power was uniquely soothing and erotic at the same time.

Betsy raised her sensual lips from his heated member and gave the shaft a few slow, tight fisted strokes. The throbbing increased, signaling his rapidly approaching release. His heavy-eyed gaze told her all she needed to know. She hopped off the back of the horse and deftly removed her denims and panties in one movement.

Her moist labia opened like a budding flower and a droplet of moisture clung precariously to the opening. With a hand from Dakota, she hopped back on the horse's back, again facing Dakota. He noticed her condition and knew instantly what he had to do.

Much to her surprise Dakota jumped to the ground, gripped her hips, and spun her sideways on her buttocks. He positioned himself between her thighs and placed her bare feet on his shoulders. The point of view he had of her body made his knees weak, the gentle peaks and valleys were an exciting mixture of muscle and flesh.

As he drank in her beauty, she finished undressing, revealing the sensual mounds of flesh tipped with dark erect nipples. He sighed and sank his face into her wet pussy. Her sexy aroma drew him further into her center and he trailed his tongue along the entire length of her sex.

They both groaned, her from the sensation of his tongue, him from the sultry essence of her being. He worshiped her sexuality with a fervor he'd never felt before. The flow of juices from her seething pussy increased in intensity as he laved her inflamed lips with his mouth and tongue. The sweetness of her wetness only added to his desire to worship at the altar of her. Dakota drank greedily at the stream of release that flowed from her center. She was nearing climax and he reveled in the effect he was having on her.

Betsy began to shake and buck as pleasure mounted. She gripped the back of Dakota's head for support and to pull his face into her fluttering pussy. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his head, holding her steady on the back of the horse. Her muscular legs were turning into quivering flesh and they began to shake from the impending explosion. Breath caught in her throat, she curled her fingers in his hair teetering on the horseback and the edge of orgasm.

Dakota moved his attention to the hard bud of her clit and sucked it into his mouth. His tongue rapidly flicked across the sensitive knot of nerves sending her headlong into a body-numbing climax. Her legs dropped to his shoulders and she cried out, "Yes. I'm cumming. Eat me!"

Dakota renewed his efforts, determined to drink in her essence as it gushed out of her shuddering sex. His face was soon covered in a sheen of her release and he continued to lave of her nectar.

Slowly, Betsy floated back to reality, basking in the serenity of the intense orgasm. The whole time he'd been driving her mad with desire, she'd thought of his beautiful cock and what it would feel like filling her.

This image came back to the forefront as she felt Dakota penetrate her core with his tongue. She wanted his cock and pushed his face away. His face covered with her juices and she smiled at his look of intense desire.

Dakota's erection was jutting out in front of him, hard and weeping pre-cum. Betsy reached forward and cupped his chin, "come up 'ere and fuck me." She spun in the saddle and spread her legs, waiting for Dakota to act.

He vaulted up onto the back of his horse and slid into the saddle. Betsy draped her legs around his waist and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Tongues twirling and dancing in each other's mouth, a mating ritual of their own. He slipped his hands under her round buttocks and hoisted her above his throbbing member. He held her aloft for a few moments as they looked deeply in each other's eyes. No words were spoken. None were needed. The moment was enough. The consummation of their lives had directed them to this moment. This was their destiny.

Dakota slowly lowered her onto his hard shaft as they looked intently into each other's eyes. His swollen cock-head parted her wet passageway and forged into her core. Neither breathed, nor blinked; experiencing every sensation of the penetration of utmost concern. Her wetness trickled down his shaft to coat his balls. They were a perfect fit, tight and wet, long and hard. Little by little, inch by inch, they merged into one sexual being. She enveloped him; he filled her.

At the apex of their meeting, their lips met and they completed the penetration. She'd never been so full; he'd never been so deep. Her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body Betsy ground her hips on his hardness.

Shifting his weight, Dakota positioned her so he could thrust into her center. She yielded easier than ever before, giving into his movements, her inhibitions gone. She could be herself and not worry about what he'd do or think.

The motion of their coupling steadily increased with each forward thrust. It felt like they were moving, floating through the steamy forest. Their copulation in weightlessness, a sensation neither had ever experienced. Dakota drove his member into her with all of his being and sensed the awareness he'd only heard the elders of his tribe speak of in hushed tones. Their union took on a surreal ambiance, it was as if the tribal father's were observing and approving of the mating between them.

They rapidly climbed the peaks of sexual ecstasy. They're bonding, a testimony to the feelings they had for each other. It became a display of their desires. They spoke no words, but said volumes with their actions.

She bounced hard and fast on Dakota's strong thighs. His throbbing cock stretched her velvet walls to new dimensions. The only sounds were their loud breathing and the rhythmic slapping of her cheeks against his thighs.

Dakota raised her in the air and held her, hovering on the head of his cock. Her twitching vulva gripped for his hard shaft, wanting more. He demonstrated unexpected resolve by holding her in place and flexing his cock-head, teasing her to new heights. The effect was immediate and obvious; she threw her head back and gasped loudly. Her body shook with the first wave of orgasm. Dakota released his grip and his cock sank deep into her quivering tunnel as she impaled herself.

Betsy gushed as his cock pressed hard against her uterus. The hot wet sticky cum sent Dakota into his own volley of intense orgasms. Jet after jet of his hot semen streamed into her clutching center. Her velvet walls milked his shaft of its seed, filling her core and fusing them into one quivering orgasmic spirit.

Her head rolled forward and their lips met in a kiss. Their spasms slowly receded into a steady vibrating hum of their unified sexuality; the private ceremony of their union complete. Dakota planted tender kisses over her face and eyes, bringing them safely down from the heights of ecstasy. The feeling of floating down to earth became all-consuming and they both took pleasure in the sensations of weightlessness.

They opened their eyes in unison and broke their kiss. All around them trees moved slowly by and they felt the rhythmic rocking of Trice walking through the woods. Still locked in their intimate embrace; they smiled at each other and let the rocking lull them, basking in the sense of satisfaction.




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